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    You a Camper? Who cares...


      There are a lot of posts about people being accused of camping. I get called that occasionally especially if I get the final kill, and from the perspective of the kill-cam, it looks like I was camping.


      Whether I am or not, you can't let that bother you. You can't get upset or angry if someone calls you a camper (or any other name). When you get angry about words people say, you're giving them power over you. This is a big problem in our society. People need to toughen up and let things roll off. Who cares what someone calls you? It doesn't matter. Don't give them that power.


      I always say that I am "verbally bulletproof". You can say anything you want and I will never react. When you get there, you'll know what I mean. (Did I just sound like a shrink? Yikes!).


      Happy gaming!

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          A) Someone calling you a camper means you killed them and therefore must be a camper because they are a CoD god.


          B) The players I see lead me to think this game and those who play it have bigger issues than somebody who does want to genuinely camp.


          C) Anybody who takes anything said to them over a game needs a shrink! 


          D) This topic has been discussed more times than I care to count.

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              D) ... that it has but I'll share a story anyway that I found amusing.  I had just played against this team that handily won our first encounter and felt the need to let us know it in the lobby.  I didn't say anything as it's didn't bother me.  Can't win them all and we just got outplayed.  The next match they run past the flags and lay down in corners just barely peaking around them to drop us as we go for the flags and they've got 2 guys that keep TIing their way into the back of our spawn where they would lie in wait until someone walked by.  Well me and my team got tired of it, so we pulled out snipers and LMGs and just began brutalizing them.  We gained control of the match and then out camped the crap out of them.  After it was over the enemy team complained that we only won because we camped.  Well duh!  Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.  Getting called a camper just means that you beat somebody else at their own game.  It really doesn't matter how you played or how they played.  You will always get called a camper.  So wear it with pride.

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              It's becoming an epidemic with people assuming everyone's camping for one reason or another and then corner trapping them, jumping up & down & generally getting both killed by the enemy after a minute or so of the foolishness. I used to try & ignore them but on HC they start throwing concussion & emp grenades.  I'm done with that nonsense, someone starts that crap with me, now I just shoot them. If they then get mad at me and come back, I don't care, I'll shoot 'em again.

              Come on kids, play the game your way, & let other people play the way they want, it's none of you concern.

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                Dont worry about people calling u camper. It's all part of the game. You do whatever u need to do to win the game or support your team. the game is all about tactics, support and win.  I run around the map trying to get kills or get killed. i never camp, I m always on the move. What makes my game fun and interesting is when there is a camper in the opposing team Coz I know exactly where to find that person and eliminate that person. If i can't  flush that "camper " out from that particular area of the map then it's my weakness. There is nothing to be mad about. IT'S ALL ABOUT TACTICS AND WINS.

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                  Good advice on being verbally bulletproof.  I admit I'll get caught up in the trash talk sometimes.  I think it's ok to respond to trash talkers to put them back in their place. 


                  I was in a TDM match in Encore where 4 coordinated worms with shields/LMG/TF camped at the pathway between the concession and bathroom.  Needless to say, despite urging my teammates not to rush them, they took a big lead anyway.  We came back a bit after adjusting our game.  At one point, with smoke, I even had the pleasure of running by  and then stabbing three of them in the back.  When the game was over all they did was talk and talk and talk, mocking our entire team. 


                  Next game was in the worm's paradise, Hijack.  Oh no! 


                  During the countdown I urged everyone to just leave the worms alone this time and hoped they'd listen to me.  Game starts and the woms all go downstairs, same shield/LMG/TF/TS.  I told the team lets just get the lead and let them sit down there and rot.  To my surprise everyone listend and we had a nice 6v2 upstairs and easily got a big lead. 


                  We win and it was a sweet win.  The 4 worms finished 1-3, 1-0, 1-2, 1-1, LOL.  They were all 0-0 until desperation time and, with only futility at this point, came upstairs. 


                  After the game, I couldn't help but tell all of 'em:  "See what happens when you have a predicatable game.  Did you all have fun just sitting down there for a good 6 minutes doing nothing.  (BTW:  I was throwing smoke and EMPs just to get them thinking someone was coming.) 


                  No response.  Pure silence from them.


                  Point, you let your play do the talking.  And, then, you can do a little talking of your own. 

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                    Camping for me was a result of having to deal with all the lag in the previous releases .. Why they changed ghost is beyond me, but I guess they felt they had to punish those who had lag issues .. Although, since I've had new equipment installed from my ISP, my signal strength has been boosted .. Lag is not so much of an issue for me except for when I get stuck in those south American lobbies which is odd, since I have my preferences set to best .. I don't use ghost now and it has become an advantage for me to let other players know where I am .. Just use an LMG, park myself in a corner somewhere and wait for them to come running to me .. It's a lot easier on the thumbs and with the correct setup, moving every now and then, usually result in lots of kills ..


                    I love hearing the trash talk and contributing to it .. If you can get into their minds, then they make mistakes and that just adds to the kill count .. How well, back to playing ..

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                      I get called a camper a lot, mainly because since my 1st cod game I've had a high k/d from 2.5 to 4.5x the average.

                      Truth is I do play defensively but only when it is a benefit to my team, I prefer to hold map control by defending B in domination, supporting the flag runner in CTF or anchoring in HP, but if my team is losing I change my AR to an SMG and jump in. Which is why I have a good win/loss unlike those campers with a high k/d and terrible win/loss because they ignore the obj or dashboard.

                      I also play a lot of tdm 1338 wins and 3.13 k/d in tdm, if thats not helping the team then what is?

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                        My only thought about being called a camper...


                        who gives a flying f***

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                          THe funny thing about people that CRY "camper" is that they are not very good at playing the game. They're just good enough to kick some butt if everyone on the other team willingly rushes around the map with no tactics and makes themselves easy to kill. This of course fools cry-baby into thinking he's better that he really is. All it usually takes is a single tactically smart player to ruin said cry-baby's game. This one tactical player makes it much harder for cry-baby to foolishly run around the map and murk all the slightly dumber enemy players that are foolishly running around the map. REAL LEGIT GOOD players don't have to spend all their time crying about campers because they're too busy letting their REAL TALENT do the talking for them. 


                          THe bottom line- Being a "camper" cry-baby does nothing but expose themselves as a poser that thinks way too highly of their low skill level. This especially goes for guys that cry about campers that suck at camping. Just STFU and root them out of their whole if you're such a badass.

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                            In TDM Most times I mix it up, if I start bad then I go defensive for a while until I pick up a few kills or get used to the other teams playing format. Once I have done that I can start to plan the routes to take and where to expect the enemy players to pop up from.


                            Although sometimes I will use a mess about class just to take the edge off a bit and have some fun instead of always taking this game seriously.


                            Bring out the Assault Shields and Combat Axes I say..If the Combat Axe doesn't just go straight through players without killing them. Seems to happen a lot lately.