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    Can soldier creation and Squads modes be played offline?

      That would be very very cool and elevate COD Ghosts sales.      I will play online but it's very very useful

      being able to use created soldier offline too and in modes that support offline.


      The Squads feature look to be the most possible to be playable offline since Wargame and Safeguard look totally possible to be playable offline:

      "Wargame pits you and your team of five AI soldiers against a team of bots — this mode can utilize any gametype available in the core competitive multiplayer experience.

      Then there's Safeguard, which pits your Squad against waves of AI enemies."


      Will offline only players have access to character creation and Squads mode without needing to be connected online?   Neither Wargame nor Safeguard require more than 1 player to play, so I think

      they are playable offline.   So it makes sense for all soldier creation options to be accessible and usable offline too, that would give players more freedom and more options of things to play offline when online is not available.