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    Will there be a team vs. team mode with no respawns ?


      That would diversify the quality of challenging team modes that Call of Duty Ghosts has.   Yes, respawns is very popular, but team deathmatch type modes with no respawns would expand COD Ghosts's appeal

      to a broader audience and allow more players to play how they want, and modes that tests players skills, teamwork and survival at even greater levels. 


      Some players really like the survival nature that no respawns brings to the matches. People that prefer

      something else, don't have to choose modes like that, but it's still very valuable to have that option for

      professional teams and players that want their kills and survival to count more.


      In my opinion a team elimination mode (without objectives other than to completely eliminate the other team), would greatly improve Call of Duty Ghosts selection of multiplayer modes to choose from and benefit more in sales and interest from a wider variety of shooter/multiplayer communities.