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        100. Re: According to dev from Raven, QSing is gone!

        From my point of view sniping was much easier than quickscoping.  Sniping I could spawn kill players in CTF on Standoff quite easily but if I tried to quickscope them, I would have probably died more often.

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          101. Re: According to dev from Raven, QSing is gone!

          A few things people need to consider:


          1. The definition of Quicksoping has changed over the years

          2. Being able to get a quick shot, is not traditionally quickscoping


          So without using the term "quickscoping":


          - Will one be able to effectively use a sniper rifle. According to Faze Kross' video, the answer is obviously yes

          - Will they bugger up sniping as they did in BO1 on release, pre-patch: obviously no

          - (opinion) Will you be able to "rush, and run-gun" with a sniper... looks like you can


          The key question is: Will people who were "sniping gods" in MW2/MW3 (where sniping was absolutely stupid) be as effective in Ghosts?


          No... not unless they picked up their game.


          "The problem with quicksoping is not that you get killed by a person with a sniper rifle before you had a chance to kill them; it is that with a OHK weapon, a person who should have lost a gun fight has too great a chance of winning it because the game mechanics allows for it, regardless of one's (alleged) skill"

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