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    zombie ranking

      What's up with the ranking I've been stuck on skull forever and my girl not to sound mean but she sucks at zombies and she's ranking like crazy she currently has the knife

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          Wow, that sucks, but u rank up by your KILL/down ratio, and if she sucks, then no freakn idea, but get a calculator and divide your kills and downs, I think it needs to be a k/d of 70 or higher, but I don't no. I'm at the top of my friends leaderboards with kills, but I'm last with downs, so that's why I don't have a knife, so u might be in a similar situation. What's your kill amount and down amount? I might be able to help u if I no those.

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            It's kind of hard to determine when you'll get your knife. One of my friends got it at around 56 K/D and I got mine around 70 K/D. I mean I think you're in general area for when you should expect your Knife.