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    expected MP community size?

      Heres the obligatory player count post. I made this post around the same time last year for BO2.


      Do you think that many people will buy this? I was quite surprised to see that 15-18k players play BO2 on PC. Do you think there will be the same amount of players or less? I don't want BF4 due to them trying to charge me a 5$ tax on a digital download. If the community is expected to be the same size then ill buy this. Otherwise I won't bother buying both games.

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          Well I can tell you one thing, it's certainly guaranteed to be a smaller community size than Black Ops 2 had. Each year more and more people quit the franchise, and nearly all of them are leaving because it has matchmaking.


          Just look at the last two CoD titles... both included matchmaking, and both have been the least played CoD titles on PC.


          Modern Warfare 3 started out around 110,000 then quickly dropped to 60,000 within the first 4-6 months, by the end of it's first year it was down to 25,000-30,000 max players.


          Black Ops 2 started out around 80,000 players, then quickly dropped to 40,000 within the first 4-6 months, now we're close to the end of it's first year and it's down to 15,000-18,000 max players.



          Ghosts most likely will only top around 60,000-70,000 players near launch (a lot of gullible folks still left who believe every claim Activision makes) yet within the first 4-6 months I'll be very surprised if it even maintains 20,000.



          Meanwhile Call of Duty 4 continues to have such a strong community, it has at least 3 times as many players as Black Ops 2...

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              I still play COD4 a lot. 90% of the time I play on the same clan run server. I'm not a clan member but I've been playing on it for the past 2 years. I know all the clan members and the other regular players on the server. They also have a lot of very cool custom maps and a set of rules wich they enforce very strictly. It's everything COD should be. We always have a lot of fun playing together. Everyone plays fair and there's none of the idiotic explosive spamming or nootubing like in BO2. IW and 3arc really f*cked up the franchise after COD4. It has so much potential but for some reason they just don't see it or don't want to see it. They just keep dumbing it down year after year and with every release the pace goes up and it becomes an even bigger chaotic clusterf*ck. But hey, as long as I have COD4 and my regular server is up it's all good.

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                Well thats disappointing. I personally don't mind the matchmaking too much when it works lol. Otherwise, yes i can understand the hatred against such a stiff server system. Not sure what game to buy then. I like COD for the quickness and generally arcadey feeling and BF for the realism but EA is really killing it with the horde of DLC and pathetic pricing.

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                    TopGear93 wrote:


                    Not sure what game to buy then. I like COD for the quickness and generally arcadey feeling and BF for the realism but EA is really killing it with the horde of DLC and pathetic pricing.


                    Sounds like you like CoD for the same reasons I do... Ultra smooth, fun, gameplay.  Unfortunately it's completely ruined by matchmaking.


                    If you're looking for something to tide you over for now... I suggest Natural Selection 2..  It's a highly addictive and relatively smooth (if you have a powerful enough PC) game.  - Just don't expect to hop into it and suddenly be good (like anyone can do with CoD)  Natural Selection 2 is a game that actually requires skill, and has a learning curve.


                    Remember also, next year we will be getting Titanfall. Made by the REAL creators of the original CoD and CoD4... It looks to have the same ultra smooth "arcadey" feel that made CoD so popular in the first place... and since it's EA there's a pretty good chance it will receive proper PC support like the rest of their multiplayer games do.


                    Besides, calling in a Titan for a kill streak will be a LOT more fun (and balanced even) than some of the ridiculously overpowered crap they call kill streaks in CoD nowadays.

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                  I'd expect Ghosts to get a higher player count as BO2, but I'm no marketing/statistics expert.


                  It seems the whole scenario (basically still modern warfare) seems more appealing to customers. Also BO2 wasn't that bad (in comparison to MW3) and it's (still lousy) PC support was actually a step upwards.

                  A few players will propably switch to next gen consoles, but the playercount at launch will be something in between BO2 and MW3.


                  The important factor is, how many of those people still play the game a few month after release? BO2 managed to kill the game for many people with their shitty SMG-only balance in the first few months.


                  I don't really see BF4 as much of a competitor. The hardcore/oldschool Battlefield fans will propably get back to BF2, and BF4 doesn't have enough new features to really get that much new players, but maybe that's just me.

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                    i'm being very sceptical about Ghost and its promises
                    so i and lots of my friends decsided not to Pre-Order Ghost

                    sure when  server files arive and the reviews are good we will take back Ghost in consideration

                    but for now its all promises and we know what activision does with there promises

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                      if we get rentable dedicated servers i expected a 100 k players for the first 6 mouths . for what they say and the people who play the game already in all of maps all diferent class of weapons are effective . one mistake bo1 made dont allow servers to run both original maps and dlc maps on the same server . because will get people to get mad with the game , and will give more money .

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                          xFrazierz wrote:


                          if we get rentable dedicated servers i expected a 100 k players for the first 6 mouths .


                          Won't happen... player count won't be anywhere near that high.


                          Even IF they release rentable dedicated servers after launch... and even IF they were ranked and properly done... it will already be too late to save the game or bring new players in.  The simple facts are whatever servers they may or may not give us will be an afterthought.


                          Anyone who actually thinks they'll be better than MW3's unranked servers is delusional.

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                              it was just a guess modern warfare game's style are always more appealing to the gamers . bo1 with dedicated servers sustained a 40 k + player base for 6 mouths . if the player base isn't of 40 k it wont matter as long has he have rentable dedicated servers there always be a good server with good ping to play on it .

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                            Probably will start off at around 80-90k then drop a bit, then go up slightly with Christmas, then dwindle away to < 10k by Nov 2014 when the next CoD multiplayer fail is released by Treyarch.