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    What do I do with my 2 Nav Cards?

      (WARNING!!! I am a COMPLETE Call of Duty Zombies noob. Blacks ops 2 Is the first one I have played, so I know nothing about ANYTHING.)


      I was playing Tranzit for my first time, and we were doing alright in my eyes. They crafted some mannequin with a fan on it, and said they did it with parts they found. Through the rest of the map, I was looking for parts when I found a navcard. I had no idea what it does, nor now, and kept looking for parts. I found a second one next to the bus stop, at the beginning. What do I do with these things? I have them through every game, so I think i'm glitching to be able to keep them. I only have Tranzit, Town, and Barn in green run, I have no other maps. Do they do something, or am I glitched? Thanks.