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      Okay let me first say, I am not a huge zombies maniac. I'll play every now and then and I've tried to follow the storyline by watching easter eggs online from each map, but I play MP a lot more than zombies. However, I'm pretty sure I've got the jest of how the whole story came about and how we got to where we are.... that is, with the exception of the Origins easter egg. I guess now is a good time to let everybody know that I am about to talk about the ending of the zombies story (for now). Okay, so when Samantha is playing with her toys with Eddie (whoever Eddie is), and somehow... we're back to a normal world? Did the zombie invasion ever happen? And why is Fluffy back to a normal dog? I was told to keep in mind that the map takes place in World War I trenches, long before the zombies were made. Even with that in mind and assuming the zombie invasion hasn't happened yet... why is Samantha playing with zombies? That doesn't strike me as a typical toy back in the early 1900's. And why did she say that the four heroes get all the riches? And now she has no German accent? And now her dad has a plan? All I can say is... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUoZvMhwg2Y Can someone fill me in on what this ending cut scene means? Or if we're even supposed to know what this means? Maybe I'm just over thinking it but I would really like to figure this out before I get myself more confused. Thanks to anyone in advance that helps.

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          Several theories have been made on that cryptic cutscene, but nobody knows what it truly means. Just wait until the next 3arc game. They probably made samantha have an american accent because... well, listen to her in moon, you could barely understand what she was saying. The reason fluffy is normal is because no experiments were done yet. Eddie is young Richtofen, "They should have blue eyes".

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