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    Discussion: Do you fear Prestige Masters?


      Hey all,


      So this is the first COD title I've decided to go "max prestige" and I'm regretting it.

      The last few months of BO2 is in lobbies where players are continuously backing out or whenever they see a Prestige Master, they suddenly get scared at the sight of a player who reached master prestige.


      I don't consider myself by all means a great player however the reaction I get by other players that my rank makes me a good player. Personally, rank means nothing when it comes to determining the skill of the player.


      The only reason why I decided to go "max prestige" is because the unlock/levelling system puts you in a position to keep prestiging considering that you don't get access to all weapons, attachments etc once you reach Prestige Master. In past COD titles, I didn't have to go all the way to get all custom classes and get all weapons/attachments etc  which I do prefer over BO2's prestige system.


      I'm considering resetting my stats because I'm getting tired of other players backing out due to a silly emblem but at the same time, I really don't want to lose all the work I've done on my diamond AR, SMGs and Shotguns.


      So my question to you is "Do you fear Prestige Masters?" and if you are a Prestige Master, do you get the same reactions from other players?

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