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    UKFM UKfightingmen now recruiting for bo2 and ghost               Ps3 only

      Hey im the clan leader for UKFM were a full uk based clan with 31 members we have been together since cod world at war and are currently ranked 248th in the world of clans.


      As long as ur from the uk

      have a headset

      wanna work in a good team

      then you more then welcome to either send application or friend request on ps3


      We have gold clan tags

      all use headsets

      all play in clan ops and challenges

      all work as a proper team with set game plans etc


      we normally have 2 parties running at the same time

      12 ppl online at any same time during clan ops and challenges sometime even more players on


      if your interested then feel free to message me my psn id is Golly_Wog2013

      look at our clan web page @ ukfightingmen.weebly.com

      or facebook us @ Ukfm Fightingmen | Facebook


      look forward to hearing from you


      happy hunting


      Golly_Wog2013 clan leader UKFM

      Sparkie36 clan 2ic UKFM