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    The bipod

      Was just playing some BF3 campaign and saw a bipod on a LMG.

      Was wandering.
      1. Will bipods come back?

      2. If so. For which weapons. LMG's and/or snipers

      3. Will they've a purpose ingame. Reduce sway and lower recoil.
      4. Setting up will it be on select locations or every where.

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          Re: The bipod

          1. this isn't BF3

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            Re: The bipod

            Hi Dtuchpunk:

            The bipods on various guns in COD are for looks and not functionality.  For example in MW3, the LMG's and Barrett for instance have Bipods that are retracted and just for looks. In BF3 for those that don't know, the persons character in game actually deploys (opens?) the bipod and when on a solid service (proning, a wall, etc.) it makes the weapon much more accurate (less recoil, etc.).


            I haven't seen them in the Ghost videos I have seen so I wouldn't expect them to be in a "usable" form in Ghost. Bipods really aren't needed in COD games because the guns generally have much less recoil than many of the guns in BF3.

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                Re: The bipod

                AyoDisablingKese. I know. it isn't BF3. But when are ideas wrong?

                MechMan. We had working bipods in WaW for the MG's.
                By point 3 I ask will the have a purpose. So will they work or just cosmetics like the past.


                In WaW you could deploy them whilles prone and on some ledges in the game.

                Most lilely cosmetic again. But still would like to see them again. Because I love giving covering fire with a LMG

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