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    I cant get a kill due to lag!!! anyone else having this problem?

      Ok I am NEVER playing Black Ops 2 multiplayer again, I cant get a dam kill no matter how many times I shoot someone, I waste a clip into them BUT then put one freaking bullet into me and I die, this game is stupid, MW3 runs perfectly for  me, but this is stupid, I cant get one kill any more coz they already killed me behind a corner before they even seen me, No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, I cant get one simple kill, and to anyone who thinks about posting "well your a **** player" I will report for span and I have a legit 3 K/D and 300 SPM so yea I am a good player so dont bother with stupid replies!!! and I have dedicated internet just for my PS3, so its not my internet, treyarch need to fix this dam lag!