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    for future reference

      just because i'm at the top of the leaderboard, it does not mean that i can carry the bottom half of the leaderboard every game

      pls stop

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          Re: for future reference

          If you're talking about it in terms of League Play I completely agree, It's annoying to finish top of the leader-board in your team by a long way only to still have points taken off you, because your team was poor. I also hate running into parties in Multi-team, most people on my friends list don't want to party up for Multi-team so when I do go it solo I get teamed up with two random noobs and we're usually against camping or parties with superior team tactics.

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            Re: for future reference

            It's nice isn't it. And since i'm not the greatest player there are plenty lobbies where i'm not at the top but the bottom part of the board still finds it's way to my team.... Guess who often is the only one going positive on my team. They completely screw you over if you are not partied up.


            It's a consistent problem, but some of these people you meet are just unbelieveable. I think it was yesterday when i joined a game of KC late, and as soon i could hear the in game chat i heard two guys from the UK raging about campers, i checked the scoreboard and both are doing something like 0-13 at the moment. There were 4 guys camping behind their shields and as usual these retards keep running in again and again through the exactly the same route feeding them kills... I turned my mic on and said they should stop, and suprise suprise they ignore the advice and instead start calling me the n-word and that i should shut up because i'm American. I honestly don't know how they got to that conclusion, since i'm white and from Finland, and any accent i have probably doesn't sound like i'm african american....


            Anyway, i stayed in that lobby for a few games for the hell of it and got dogs mostly by spamming EMP's and destroying their equipment, shooting them through the wall etc. while the racist retard squad both die maybe 30 times and get 0 kills. Then the campers leave and these 2 finally end up on the enemy team, and are able go around 2-25 now that there's no one camping.


            Today i was playing with a friend and we got a similar scenario, people doing the worm squirm on the enemy team, and when i ask our teammates stop feeding them kills, we get the usual f your mother response and something else in a language i don't understand or recognise, so i proceed to get my streaks easy because the map is lit up with enemy equipment, sentries and guardians, and eventually the guys who were camping it out rage quit.


            You really don't even need to go against this type of campers though, the bottom half of the board often manages to perfom almost as bad in a normal game too. Give them 3 VSAT's and they still go negative with double digits. Someone like me who is maybe slightly above average or mediocre at the game cannot carry a team all the time, but they seem to expect you to do it, and since i see a pretty wide range of SPM's in most lobbies it's probably just as bad for the really good players too who don't play in a party.

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                Re: for future reference

                here are the spm's from the lobby leaderboard after a game earlier that i just decided to take a picture of:

                684 (me)













                safe to say if you were to guess who got put on my team and who was on the other team, you'd probably get most of them correct

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