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    Blank screen after an online  multiplayer match on PS3

      I've been experiencing this for around a month now. I've tried loads of things to remedy the situation such as cleaning the disk , deleting the Game Data utility & Saved Game stuff and installing the Game textures. All to no avail unfortunately.

      So I start black ops 2 and and then start a multiplayer on line match which all goes well, however when the game finishes I don't hear the usual "Success/Failure is not acceptable". Then, the game finishes and I'm on to a blank screen and all I can see are the usual numbers on the top right hand corner. Momentarily I can access the XMB menu however after it just crashes and I'm forced to restart and sit through the annoying process of the PS3 checking for any corrupt files. I would please like some beneficial advice to help me overcome this seriously annoying problem.

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