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    Why is the Scar-H so unpopular?

      Until recently my favourite AR was the AN-94 but this has changed. I never really used the Scar-H because of the low fire rate and TTK so I decided to stick with it and get better at handling the Scar-H. I'm glad I did because it really is the most brutal AR in the game. The damage and range are just ridiculous, on Turbine I use it with ACOG, foregrip and select fire to shoot in burst mode and take out snipers from across the map but it's also very suited for rushing. Stick on adjustable stock, foregrip and quickdraw handle and it's the most deadly AR in the game. Sure, the firerate is low but the enormous damage more than makes up for this. So why is the Scar-H so unpopular?


      It also just sounds badass imo. I love the low thumping sound it makes.

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          im glad its not as popular, if people started to use it more than we would get complaints and it would get nerfed. So shhhhhh there is no SCAR -H

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            I think its a great gun...just need forgrip cuz of kick. one of 2 ars I use tho...

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              People are afraid of the recoil and slow RoF.


              I love the AR's that have that high damage and you can just feel the power in them.

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                Its a tough gun to use. The ROF is similar to the fire rate cap on the FAL - which is way easier to use.  The recoil is crazy and less predictable than other high recoil guns, especially considering the low rate of fire.   I have had some beast games with it though.


                I have used all the assault rifles enough to get them all gold - so I have a working knowledge of them all.  I prefer the quick draw, stock and suppressor.  The muzzle flash is brutal and getting rid helps my shot a lot, especially at long ranges.  In short - there are at least 3 rifles I would rather use (AN94, FAL and M8) - that's why I don't use it anyways...


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                    The recoil isn't that bad if you know how the use the gun. Like I said, select fire helps a lot in controlling it, especially on long range shots. If your aim is true you can drop the enemy with one burst.

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                        I hate how people are raving about the AN-94, its not the worst but its definitely not the best AR. My two favourite AR's. The first ws the Type 25 cuz it can basically be considered a SMG with a bigger clip, and it won gun battles. I used this at first as my main AR, but then the clip runs out so fast because of the RoF is so high I got caught reloading too much in search/hardpoint.


                        The M8 is the best AR by far! You put a reflex, quickdraw, suppressor on that bad boy and your a winner. The reason -  The suppressor drops recoil, which also means you can increase your RoF. Quickdraw to battle SMG's/Snipers. Reflex counter acts the suppressor, and also increase accuracy. There is no recoil on this gun, 3-4 shot kill, and its burst, silenced. Just unreal.

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                            SMG with a bigger clip? Pretty sure the Type 25 only has 30 to the clip? Most SMGs have more than that. However, yes, I too feel the Type 25 is very underrated. In fact, you share my taste in ARs. If I use one it will be the Type 25, M8a1 or M27


                            The Scar is a good gun, kicks like a mule compared to the rest of the ARs, but is very good nonetheless. If you can keep it under control, its a force to be reckoned with.

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                              The Suppressor doesn't reduce recoil but it removes the muzzle flash, which allows you to stay on target without having to worry about finding the enemy behind the muzzle flash.

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                          I actually really like that gun and really didn't appreciate it until I tried to complete the camos for it. Combine it with a silencer and stock and it becomes a pretty beast gun.

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                            The statistics show I have the most skillfulness with the SCAR-H over all weapons... The easiest to use weapon in the game for me... No clue why... I always liked it... If it has even been "buffed" or "nerfed" since this game launched, I have not noticed... Same adequately excellent stats (when seriously playing and not "awarding karma to the flagitious") uniformly all throughout... Buffs and nerfs with any of BO2's weaponry treasury, in fact, remain barely detectable to me and I never understood the assassination-dripping animosity such small modifications aroused, although if the company changed the "basic essence" of a weapon in the game, I would understand irritation -- and ONLY irritation...


                            The ACOG with F.M.J. and Adjustable Stock are my preferences... I "reload cancel" so extended bullets unnecessary...


                            Honestly, if practiced either in zombie-mode or custom mode enough, ANY, I mean ANY weapon can become a devastator in this game... Try equipping only the Ballistic Knife in Custom Mode, Free-for-All, Hardcore setting, all time constraints unlimited, small map, with you versus 10+ Veteran bots... One becomes a specialist in Ballistic Knife deadliness pretty quickly...

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                              I guess it really all comes down to preference.  I love the MP7 and Skorpion, but some absolutely hate them both.  Someone may like the M27 because it has little to no recoil (ended up getting a VTOL Warship and Swarm with this bad boy), and some may like the Type 25 because it's a hybrid.


                              I guess the golden rule could be that you're the best with the guns you love the most.

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                                Scar was one of the fastest guns I golded. Great gun I always have a class with it somewhere.

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                                  I was just about to make a thread about this gun. I LOVE IT!!! it is a beast. I'm a hardcore player and i turned to this gun when i play FFA. fast mags and stock and it shreds!!! so underestimated.

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                                    I only play Hardcore

                                    At one point I was exclusively using the MTAR with ACOG, FMJ and Quickdraw.

                                    I then got bored of that and tried my hand at another AR - I like ARs as they're extremely flexible.


                                    I now use SCAR-H with ACOG, Foregrip and Adjustable stock.

                                    The weapon kills in one or two shots and the add ons make up for the recoil/accuracy.


                                    AND ... if SHTF and they're in too close it's got a good enough RoF to spray!

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                                      All the primaries in BO2 are great guns. Very few could be easily used universally. The SCAR is right at home in HC, I would agree.


                                      Looking beyond personal preferences, I would agree with the others who feel it was probably RoF and kick that caused it to be an overlooked weapon. Yes, if you master it it is an awesome gun. But you have to remember that most of the community is struggling to get close to break even. Struggling players won't see the benefit of learning as many weapons as they can. Instead, the see a less expensive benefit in using the easier to use guns. I'll give you an example from MW3. The MP7 was a very popular weapon. It was "easy" to use. But, personally, I did not think it was that great of a gun. There were other guns that could easily outperform it, just took a little work to get to know them. You've got the same issue here in BO2. The KAP40 and B23R were "easy" to use compared to other pistols. But, frankly, the Executioner and Five-Seven were better pistols.


                                      The SCAR-H is indeed a beast of an AR. But there are other primaries that had smaller learning curves and that's why the SCAR was not seen used as much.

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                                        Scars are all great guns and, have great iron sights. They are my favorites with the AN 2nd.

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                                          Its because everyone has fallen into this endless pit that the only good ARs are the M8, AN, and FAL.


                                          The SMR will beat out all three of them.

                                          The SCAR mixed with the right attachments will beat out most of them.


                                          Someone somewhere said that the earlier unlocked ARs are bad. And it stuck. I do like the AN, but the SMR is my favorite gun.


                                          Thats why people don't use it.

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                                            Because boys can't handle the power of the SCAR-H, only men can harness it.