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    Any honest Origins players for high rounds?

      I want to play a game with 3 players who will not rage quit for any reason.
      I am preferably looking for honest players who do not use glitches, y'know, like the good old days when zombies was about teamwork and skill? Not who could find the best glitch?


      My highest solo on Origins is round 53 LEGIT play. No glitches.
      (Highest glitch on Origins was 143 but I turned off Xbox so it wouldn't save because I didn't wanna be a cheater on the leaderboards)


      Highest 4 player on Origins is 32 but someone left so we couldn't do anymore as the round wouldn't count.


      Anyone up for a game?


      Add me if you want to play legit but only if you have a loooot of time to spare because I don't want to have to end the game just because someone has to go -.-


      GT - i r awesum lolz (Made GT while drunk)

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