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    Starting to get frustrated.

      One of my friends practically begged me to get him to prestige master, so I started playing on his account today. For some reason, it seems like all of my teammates today are retards compared to when I play on my account. Here's our stats:



      K/D - 1.38

      W/L - 0.79

      SPM - 263



      K/D - 2.46

      W/L - 2.31

      SPM - 381


      Would the gap in our stats have anything to do with why my teammates do nothing but bend over when I play on my friend's account?

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          Re: Starting to get frustrated.

          They are all probably used to the person (whos account you are using) being nothing but a screw around type of player.

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            Re: Starting to get frustrated.

            I have close to the same stats as yourself, and I always have to deal with randoms who struggle greatly.


            Backpacking 9 out of 10 matches just isn't fun. =\

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              Re: Starting to get frustrated.

              I'd say that it's probably just a bad night.  The difference in stats there could make some difference but likely not too much.  Last night I was playing HC for the first time in awhile and I lost track of how many times that I got shot in the back by my own teammates when there wasn't even an enemy player around.  That's not normal but the idiots where out in mass yesterday.

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                Re: Starting to get frustrated.

                For me it always sticks scrub players on me and my friends teams and we have to back pack 10/10 times when we play, i would rather play with no teamates just me and my friends against a full team its always something like my friend is 60-3

                and im 54-4 and our freaking teamates are all 20-12, 25-30, 2-35, 6-20 (no exaggeration) and they have no caps and no defends while ill have about 5 or 6 captures with 10 defends and my friend will have like 2 captures and 5 defends 

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                    Re: Starting to get frustrated.

                    i play solo alot and recently reseted my stats as i was prestige master with every gun maxed out and nearly every gametype maxed out and had every scorestreak challenge maxed out.


                    but now i play with idiots that do either reverse boosting(yeh thats stil going on>.>)

                    that are just plain braindead.

                    they get shot look around for the 1 that shot them after 1-2 secs they run away just to get killed by the same guy thats just sitting there having a blast.


                    and then you have the team mates which you can backpack since they act and can be used at meatshields.

                    seriously i just let my team go out infront of me they get obliterated and i capture the B flag or their flag in CTF.


                    wish i would get ranked with players OF my skill level not my friends skill level(im playing solo on my account that no one played on except for me)


                    3arc's skillbase matchmaking is failing harder by the day.

                    how can a 300-400SPM dude in both domination and CTF be stuck with braindead team mates and then see that the enemy have decent team mates who atleast know how to stop a flag runner. and also a 2.0+ KD(it isnt high but its good enough for me right now)


                    if anything 3arc should start focusing on the more serious issues this game brings with itself.

                    the weird lag situations(im meaning host having a disadvantage instead of anything else(thats why all the people rage quit)

                    the bad matchmaking service(seriously how can i be ranked against US players when i play with 2 of my friends from the netherlands when im also in netherlands.

                    and tweak some stuff here and there.

                    not saying SMG nerf this time around its time for the more ''popular'' guns.

                    ARs snipers(probably gonna get hated on for saying the sniper nerf) a highly needed shotgun nerf(the spas-12 from mw2 was bad but the remington has 2x his fire rate) and what not>.>

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                        Re: Starting to get frustrated.

                        I dont get host disadvantage. Most people who rage quit aren't host, and do so when theres a VSAT, Lodestar or Swarm in the air. If it was lag, why wait that long into the game? Dont buy that excuse for a second, if the match was laggy they'd know early and leave early.


                        And for gods sake the R870 doesn't need to be touched, its a bloody pea shooter compared to the Spas-12. If you are getting beaten consistently by a shotgunner, theres only 2 reasons: He/she's outplaying you, or you are just plain bad. The only way a shotgunners gonna kill you is if you let them get into OHK range.

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                      Re: Starting to get frustrated.

                      It happens to everyone.....especially when you play solo most of the time. This morning I was playing KC on Hijacked. Put up a Warthog and Lodestar at the same time. All my team had to do was pick up the tags since I had em either trapped below deck, or at the back of the boat. The score was about tied at the time and those buttholes didn't get one tag.....not one. I turned it off after that.

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                          Re: Starting to get frustrated.

                          It amazes me in KC when I see someone with a score like 35-11 but they only confirmed 9 kills. Obviously 'playing for kills', but too stupid to realise that tags = scorestreaks, and scorestreaks = kills. Herp derp.

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                              Re: Starting to get frustrated.

                              Sometimes it that and sometimes it's bad luck.  I go for tags and often top the board in confirms but sometimes I'll find myself dropping 2 or 3 opponents rapidly just to get killed by the next guy and never even get a chance to grab my tags.  Those matches are really frustrating.  After that happens too many times, I just have to start hanging back a little.  I figure if my teammates can't provide me effective coverfire after I've already taken out 1/2 of the enemy team then they are going to have to start going in first and I'll provide the coverfire.  Otherwise, all I'm doing is feeding the enemy team points as they pick up my tags and the tags of their fallen brethren.

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                            Re: Starting to get frustrated.

                            For one, dont let your friend be a little btch and have you take him to max rank.


                            Secondly, i suppose it could matter if they thought they were playing with your friend. Everyone knows what they have to do to win and that can vary depending on which teammate one is playing with. For example, a teammate knows which part of the map your most comfortable, which direction you will go and etc.


                            So yes they may have been playing differently but not because your better than the other dude or the stats difference but because your teammates were playing according to the other dudes play style.

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                                Re: Starting to get frustrated.

                                For one, it's not like he gains any advantage over being max rank.


                                Secondly, I play solo, so i'm talking about the teammates that I get matched up with.

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                                    Re: Starting to get frustrated.

                                    Having a better player play for him to gain more XP to gain rank fast is one step away from boosting. Make him earn that sht. And yes he will gain an advantage in earning the rank himself from, time played and experience. Hes not gonna get better from you playing for him. Plus he'll have a fake rank. Just my opinion, maybe im too hardcore lol.


                                    I know we have prestige tokens now but starting over with all the stuff he needs will take him out of his comfort zone and make him better.


                                    Some people may go through and look at peoples stats and adjust their tactics accordingly I suppose. I personally dont. The only time I really switch my tactics would be during a game when I see whats going on and I can know what I need to adjust to.


                                    With all the people who put so much emphasize on kd, I wouldnt be surprised if more people do this than I think.

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                                  Re: Starting to get frustrated.

                                  Ignore stats - they mean and prove nothing

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