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    HeavenRemix SEARCHING Mature Players.

      Hello there ,


      HeavenRemix is an upcoming clan for mature players. Everyone can join you just need to have an headset and be 18+ old.

      HeavenRemix wanna be a clan with a lot of members from 18+ so everyone can play with older people then with kids.

      If you wanna join HeavenRemix be sure you will be part of the family and not just an nickname. We are not using forum

      cause i don't want my players on a computer screen to text or what ever they need to game with us! I am the leader and DoomsdayKing84 is the co leader. Ofcourse we are also searching generals and stuff.


      Our sites : https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/11461419 ( clan view )

      And we work with twitter not with forum. https://twitter.com/HeavenRemixTeam

      If you are in the team the clan will follow you and you follow the clan to get information on special days.


      If there are more questions or are you interesting?

      Then u can contact me on this :

      Mail : heavenremixcod@hotmail.com

      PS3 ID : xKushBrainZ-  OR  DoomsdayKing84.


      Pleas note that we are a new clan and that we will grow for sure , we will work for it!

      Friendly Regards ,

      HeavenRemix Team.