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      Hey CoD Gamers,



                       My PSN is xStrider19 ! So if you want to talk further message me! With that said, let's get started! I have a level 20 Cod BO2 clan on hold right now. I am willing to trade it for a level 10+ MW3 clan. Or if your a small clan, wanting to join, but don't meet the requirment, just apply to my clan, and you can join mine! The name of my clan is Optic Leverage with GOLD clan tags of xOLg ! So if you want to keep that clan name or change it to your own, let me know, doesn't matter to me! SO AGAIN, I AM LOOKING FOR A PS3, MW3 CLAN LEVEL 10+ TO TRADE FOR A LEVEL 20 PS3 BO2 CLAN! LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO KEEP THE CLAN NAME I HAVE IT AS- Optic Leverage -OR IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE IT THATS OKAY TO. I HAVE A COUPLE OF SPARE NAMES IN MIND, SO MESSAGE ME VIA PSN, MY GT IS xStrider19 , OR YOU CAN EMAIL ME @hotshot6599@gmail.com