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    Only Use Me [Weapon] Prestige Master Challenge

      I like coming up with little challenges to go for and have completed a multiple of them already. So, I'm ready for another one and I'd like the communities helps with it.  The challenge I want to go for is reaching PM only using a single weapon. Lethal grenades, combat knife, and scorestreaks are all fair game, but I can only use one weapon.  Of course, it wouldn't be much of a challenge if I get to pick the weapon.  So, I'll leave a short list on a few weapons I think would give me the most challenge and I'd like the community to vote and pick one for me to use. Or if you have any other suggestions, please leave it and I'll consider it.


      -Scar H: It is a powerful AR, but I hate it with a passion because of the stupid recoil. Still, once I get used to it, it'll probably be the more easier weapon to use for the challenge.


      -KSG: Sniper shotgun, but completely dependent on connection. Not my best shotty out of the 4


      -Ballista Iron Sight: IMO, the most challenging sniper rifle to use.


      -Executioner: The most challenging Pistol to use


      -The Assault Shield: I use it a lot, but mostly for defensive purposes. Using it offensively would be a bit a challenge.


      -Crossbow: I'm fairly good with this weapon, but have never tried a challenge like this with it.


      -RPG: 2 shots only, small splash range, and loses to flak jacket would make this the hardest challenge of them all. I'd have to play a lot of hardcore for this to work.


      I didnt list any SMGs or LMGs because I find them all really easy to use. As for what I plan on doing if the weapon is unlocked late in the game, I'll just go knifing only for my kills, shoot a lot of stuff down, destroy equipment, etc, until I can unlock the weapon. Then once I prestige, I'll permanently unlock the weapon.


      So, this will be quite the challenge and i welcome anyone to come play and follow me as I go for this. I'm only 10 levels away before I can reset my stats, so thats when I'll pick which ever weapon gets the most votes.