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    Hang up your hats, people: Wii U DLC likely won't happen.

      Before you go saying "Source or it's not true", let me post this disclaimer; nothing official has been said as to this yet.


      But I think we've got pretty strong evidence that it isn't going to happen, and here's my thoughts on why:


      The silence speaks louder than words.


      Think about it; if they came out and announced that the DLC was not going to come to the Wii U, the Wii U version pre-orders would pretty much disappear. They'd hit rock-bottom so fast that the game wouldn't even pull enough funds to cover the cost of the version, methinks.


      So why announce that they aren't supporting it with DLC, when staying silent gives them at least a small chance, through the flickering, hopeful doubts of Wii U owners, of getting a nice chunk of pre-ordering people who will carry through with it even after launch comes and no DLC is present, simply because they've already plunked a bit down and would rather not see that come to naught?


      Activision is playing Wii U owners like a well-carved Ocarina.


      So here's my suggestion people; if you only care about the basic game, and don't care about receiving any further aid or love, outside of patches and some EXP weekends, from Activision, then go ahead and keep your preorder.


      But if you're holding on to your pre-order in the hope that Activision will do the right thing for Wii U owners, by treating us with respect through showing identical DLC support, then do yourselves a huge favor, and just cancel your pre-order now.

      Whether you pre-order a different version or not, don't support the Wii U version if you care at all about the DLC.

      Let the wallets speak for themselves about what neglecting content support will do to a version of any game, people.

      Don't follow the orchestra of well-played instruments.