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    Looking For Pro Team Members (Xbox Live)

      My clan Pure Headshot Gaming is looking for some very skilled players to start a Professional Roster for MLG play. Here are the details on how tryouts will be scored:


      SkillPoints Possible
      Spawn Knowledge10
      Map Knowledge10
      Callout Knowledge10
      Map Traffic Areas10
      Coordination With Teammates10
      Rush Routes10
      Overall Scores10
      Overall Points Possible100



      Must have a mic, must have a 1.20 or higher KDR and be prestiged at least one time.


      Tryouts will be held over the span of two weeks. To register, please send ArcticAzazel a friend request and message in the following format:


      (Title) Application for Professional Team


      First Name: ____________

      KDR: ____

      Registered MLG member? (Y) (N)

      Prestige Level: ____


      Thanks guys, and we hope to hear from you!