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    If you were able to rate players...

      I've often said that their should be an MVP in the stats.....says a lot about a player. I doubt Treyarch could make it work since they seem to base everything off of cheatable stats and any MVP stat would likely be just as gamed as the emblems.


      MVP would be one of my categories.



      What categories would you have? (Let's say 4 choices)






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          Re: If you were able to rate players...

          I'll give it a go. Um my 4 choices in zombies would be how many revives, how many times they clutched a round higher than 13, how many points they have to how many they spend ( it's to see if they point whore ), and the last will be time played.

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            Re: If you were able to rate players...

            1. Team Points - Rating on how much a player contributes into team points. Opening doors, powering gens, buying booze, etc.


            2. Rage Quit - Rating on how likely a player is to rage quit. Penalty point awarded each time you are the first player to leave a game.


            3. Last Man Standing - Sometimes a revive cannot be made and you need to think preservation of the game. A rating on how successful you have been at keeping the game going when last player standing on the map. If everyone bleeds out and you do not make the next round, one negative point is added to your score.


            4. Map Knowledge - Each time you build a part or weapon, unlock weaponry and/or achievements, and complete the easter egg, points are added to your map knowledge score for that map.

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