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    Patch or PC + Xbox Shared Data Center?!?

      Okay, practically every game I play lately someone, including myself, is complaining of Rendered v/s Hitbox detection and the going conscientious was the root cause was a 'bad Patch' that somehow has broken the game i.e. Rubber Bullets and/or totally broken Lag Comp.


      However, the evidence is Xbox has migrated to the same game server data center(s) and the PC player for at least in New Jersey, USA center. Well that's not a problem IF the Pipeline, Backbone and Server Capacities can accommodate the sudden explosive loads and traffic.


      Problem...it would seem apparent that they, as of right now, cannot.


      Having players 'teleporting' several feet at a time (stuttering) and Hitbox mismatching (rubber bullets) the rendered players has effectively broken both Lag Comp and the game in general. A Patch cannot fix this if it's a data center problem and only a properly working Game Server Data Center can correct these problems.

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          Re: Patch or PC + Xbox Shared Data Center?!?

          The game is so unplayable now, I am also experiencing the lag comp/rubber bullets. Although, for some reason there's always certain players in the lobby in which they don't seem to be affected by the lag comp/rubber bullets which gives them a huge advantage (Almost always ontop of the leader board). I seen the videos showing the PS3 and XBOX connecting to the same Choopa servers we use from New Jersey, and I agree the lag has gotten much worse in general the past few weeks. I can only imagine how much worst it will get with the extra load on the servers from the free weekend.

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              Re: Patch or PC + Xbox Shared Data Center?!?

              Tonight I'm going to try to Nerf my system. I have two GTX 560's in SLI so I'm disabling one and cranking-up the MSAA and other settings to deliberately lower my FPS and see if there's any differences. It seems though most of the players Stuttering have crappy connections e.g. WiFi, 4G, etc so screwing around with that I'll stream a Netflix HD movie and compare. Heck I might even try moving from DMZ Host with Open NAT to a Restrictive NAT.


              Sad if any of that stupidity works. Smart seems to be an epic fail so I'll give dumb a try...

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                  Re: Patch or PC + Xbox Shared Data Center?!?

                  Hum, can't say if it will works better.

                  I reinstalled the multiplayer today.. but same **** happened. Tried to nerf my resolution to 1280x720p and nerf my graphics settings in NVIDIA control pannel. It seems it helped to do not be preshoted every time by semi-ghost players in the lobby i was playing. But after few games, i still experienced huge lag/freeze/teleport from ennemies or allies. So, i don't know WTF i can do to have a decent game.


                  Give us feedback about your tests Momba1...

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                Re: Patch or PC + Xbox Shared Data Center?!?

                I believed that maybe they have consolidate the servers together with PC and Xbox games into one central point due to low PC gamer counts.


                I can tell that it is much worst than the already bad game play in the past.


                The funny thing is as a PC gamer, on checking the connection route path to the server. Why am I connecting to an IP address that says "xbox"? This is what I'm connected to the path from the beginning of BO2.


                I guess I'm just their guinea pig for future dedicate servers (non-rental) at the expense of my horrible gaming experiences.


                PS. Not much you can do with the network or video settings. These are the network issues for Treyarch/Activision game servers.


                This game download/upload performance is very dependent on the server side. It's how fast your can update and how fast can the server update to you the client.


                If any upload or download from the server fails, you will have a very bad game. So, no matter what you want to do with software or your Router, you'll get very little out of it. In the end conclusion after some time, your testing will be a placebo effect.

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