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    Please no more Free to Play (Hack) weekends

      In an 'ideal' world sure it's great to allow players to 'test drive' a game and 'Free to Play' would make a lot of good business sense.


      Okay, in reality the players who setup a 'Free' account are those that not only are experienced in the game but also feel a 'Free' license to cheat their 'rears-off' and ruin the game for an entire weekend.


      New players WELCOME now it's time to get a lesson on what this game is all about -- INSTA-KILL!


      All it accomplishes is the legit new Noob just wanting to try the game runs away permanently from the game. So IF that's the new business model then bravo and job well done! Oh almost forgot, it also allows players to 'test drive' hacks. Separate and completely partition-off the 'Free' accounts, in other words Free v/s Free only and Insta-Ban only and IMO if the 'Free' player is a slayer then isolate slayers v/s slayers in the 'Free' section.