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    A couple issues with Hardcore Mode


      1. Why isn't team killing/kicking consistent? I think if they're going to have a rule that gets you kicked after killing a teammate 3x, whether intentional, accidental, or due to trolling, it should be the same across the board. Especially with scorestreaks. Why is it that a teammate using a warthog can kill 3+ of their teammates with it per pass (usually kills more friendlies than enemies) but remain in the game, but I get kicked because my sentry gun killed a few teammates because they ran in front of it as it was firing?


      2. A part of hardcore mode is that your equipment, both lethal and tactical, as well as friendly scorestreaks are not safe from teammates. If they want to be jerks, they can easily destroy anything of yours if they wanted to with an EMP grenade or just by shooting it.  All of them except for the Tac Insert. Why can this with stand all friendly attacks when all other friendly equipment doesnt? I'm an avid Tac Insertion user, but I would like to be able to disable friendly Tac Inserts as a way to fight against boosters by messing up their spawn system.  I think it's silly that we arent able to destroy friendly Tac Inserts, IMO.