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      Why is it that everytime i go to check on my clans progress during clan challenges this week i have not been able to see the results as it is saying they are not available at this current time?

      Also i am unable to accept or invite ppl to the clan

      i can not see my clan roster as i always get (oops something went wrong)



      As u can imagine this is frustrating for my clan as after evry clan challenge clan op i post all clan results onto our facebook page and clan website for evryone to see so not everyone in the clan has to trail thru elite to find there score


      im just wondering if this problem is gonna get fixed or is it just gonna get left now as Ghost is almost ready


      A response would be very grateful





      UKFM clan Leader

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          Did all of these issues start at once, or are the roster and management issues something new?

          Challenges often don't update in real time, but you guys should have results for the ones that have badged and concluded at least. Which concluded comps aren't showing up for you?


          For your roster and management issues, this is something we're aware of and are looking into. Have you tried the mobile or console app as well?



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            I know about the update of scores during clan ops and challenges i normally wait till that clan op or challenge is fin to post scores atm when i chose to enter a current challenge or op its giving errors as well as the problems with elite not been to accept invites and applications to join my clan by other members.


            i have tried the app and console but still to no avail.


            i have luckly entered into all clan ops and challenges till end of october but the difficulty really is problems joining new members to elite and updating my clan on scores and positions etc etc

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