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    I think they should bring back Last Stand and One Man Army in Ghost

      I know these two perks were abused and overpowered in the past COD games. Still, I would like to see them reinstated however, not as perks.  But rather I would like to see them come back as kill streaks or something similar.  


      Think about it.  If you get 6 to 8 kills, when somebody finally downs you, you would go into last stand mode. It would give you 15 to 20 seconds with a pistol and the ability for your explosives still on the map to remain active long enough just to gain another kill.  However, by making it a kill streak you would have to earn it rather than just have it in your class.


      Likewise, they could make 1 man army a 12 to 15 kill streak.   You could change your class and get a fresh load out of weapons and grenades. You pick a class and then call it in like a care package.  It would be useful to swap out loadouts in the middle of a fight without having to lose your kill streak progress. However, putting it towards the mid to upper level of the pack would keep it from being abused.  Also, I don't see a problem with somebody basically respawning without dying instead of calling in something like a viatl war ship or another massive kill streak.


      Let me know what you think of these ideas.