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    Re: Origins Easter egg cut-scene ideas?

      The ending seems pretty conclusive that everything we seen so far in zombies has been a lie. Nothing more than the imagination of two children, with the contents of a bedroom as the inspiration for each story told.


      Now... on to the quote from Samantha...


      Eddie - "I will the heroes in our story were real Sam"


      Samantha - "I know what you mean... but we WILL make everything ok. My dad said he has a plan"

      Does this mean Maxis is real and there IS a Group 935? Did the siren tell us there IS a real zombie invasion happening in their real world?


      Possibly... but to throw everything we already know away like it was nothing was a real tragedy. We build a bond with these characters, and embraced the story.


      Why should we do this again when the next zombie outing comes along? Nah... I am just gonna concentrate on the survival aspects and take the storyline with a pinch of salt... especially if it is another one of these 'fill in the blanks yourself' numbers.