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    PS3 freezes when I launch the game

      My PS3 starts up normally, but when I launch BO2 I see the Treyarch symbol in the bottom right for about 10-20 seconds and then the screen goes black and all I see is "40.0-1" in the top right of the screen. Then, when i press the PS button ont he controller nothing happens - almost like the game AND the console has frozen :/

      The only way I can quit this screen is by turning my console off by pressing the on/off button on the console, which then take about 10 seconds to fully shut down, and the next time i try to turn on my ps3 i get the screen which says "The system was not turned off properly the last time it was used. The file system on the system storage may be corrupted. This system will restart, check the file system and restore it if it is corrupted. If the file system is corrupted, it may take 2 to 3 hours to complete."

      So i wait for the console to turn on properly after pressing 'ok' and the home scrteen appears as normal. But when i go to launch BO2, the cycle repeats itself.

      I have a 250mb PS3 slim which is about 3 years old.

      (This problem only started yesterday or the day before)

      Any help is appreciated



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          Re: PS3 freezes when I launch the game

          Hey Mr_Chicken,


          Sorry to hear about that. Can you try deleting the game data: Remove PS3 game data utility files and restart the game? Can you try using your disc on a friends PS3? Do you have any DLC installed on your PS3? ^MD

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              Re: PS3 freezes when I launch the game

              Thanks for the reply,

              I'm currently removing the game data files, and no I do not have any DLC for BO2 (I have for other games).

              I can try the disc at a friends house later this week, btu hopefully I wont need to if the game data files being deleted rectifies the issue.

              I also meant to state that when the game freezes my whole console also freezes (I cannot press the PS button to view the XMB or hold down the PS button to bring up that menu where i can turn off the system or the controller etc etc)


              Thanks again,


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                Re: PS3 freezes when I launch the game


                I have removed the game data files and It still does not work.

                I have tried loading the game on another PSN account and It loaded up until just after the first animation for DOLBY, and then the screen goes blank; this time without the numbers in the top right of the screen. I've also tried loading up other games on the console on both PSN accounts and they work as usual. It's just BO2...



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