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    Can i still...?

      Can i still become a skull with knive?


      I know, probably a stupid question, but 3 people told me this yesterday and allthough i have a hard time believing it, it still haunted my thoughts a few times.


      And i also know that in the past i said that i never wanted to be ranked up, but this changed after a really really noob friend of mine, that goes down 20 times per match (sometimes even more), became a skull.


      Because rank isn't just about your k/d, i'll post all stats:

      (Keep in mind that this was my first account ever that i played zombies with, so i went down alot in the beginning, so i know i have a lot of downs. So keep your comments about that to your self.)


      Kills:                     343932

      Bullets Fired:        2108575

      Downs:                 6561

      Revives:               4292

      Grenade Kills:      29040

      Headshots:          79981

      Deaths:                2665

      Gibs:                    330838

      Perks Drank:        6733

      Doors:                   6848

      Hits:                       0,75

      Traveled Miles:      3689

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          Re: Can i still...?

          Your downs are dragging you down...

          (6561downs) X (approximate 100kills per down for knife rank) = 656,100 kills needed

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              Re: Can i still...?

              Really? Ok, but my girlfriend got her knife at kill/death of 103 and a kill/down of 51... So that's why i thought i was getting close cause my kill/death is 129 and my kill/down 52.


              But yeah i know a lot of downs and half my downs were from my "starting period" and most of the second half are from trying to revive other people and then going down myself. Now i usually get around 1000 kills without going down.


              But allright, thanks. Now i better get started cause i have a lot of kills to make then.

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                  Re: Can i still...?

                  Well K/D is not fixed, it fluctuates depending on other stats but it is probably the closest factor to be able to predict the rank or try to judge it.

                  If you look at the leaderboard you can see that all stats are going UP on the board while 2 in particular are dragging you down, downs and deaths.

                  Your kills are very good and it is unfair that some players with 20k kills have the top rank while you need 300k kills to make up for a knife. See this rank doesn't mean a thing.

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                      Re: Can i still...?

                      since we on the subject, lemme ask you this..I know the Blue eyes has to do with the consistency of playing everyday.

                      but can you go from skull to skull&knife with out blue eyes ??

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                        Re: Can i still...?

                        I don't look to ranks if i play, but 99% of the people do. I know i can keep up with knives and some shotguns, but just because i'm a skull, they will leave the lobby as soon as they see my rank.


                        But i like a challenge, so eventually i'll get ranked up

                        Because if you keep in mind that i started playing zombies in may, so that's a little over 4 months, and i allmost got 350000. And if you add to it, that since the beginning of august i had surgery and can't work now for at least 2 months, and that i had my 200000th kill on the 10th of august.;


                        So if i do the math correctly, then i should be able to get the needed kills before i can go back to work...

                        At least i'm gonna try, it's not that i can do something else at the moment so..

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                        Re: Can i still...?

                        Frits_Flitspaal wrote:


                        Really? Ok, but my girlfriend got her knife at kill/death of 103 and a kill/down of 51... So that's why i thought i was getting close cause my kill/death is 129 and my kill/down 52.



                        Here's the deal... no one knows the formula so don't be discouraged by others telling you it's not going to happen unless you get some ridiculous number of kills without going down.


                        I ranked up to the knife with a k/d of 55.94  I had a total of 263,930 Kills and 4718 Downs at the time (yes, I track my stats because I'm a numbers freak) .... so yes, it can be done.  Here's my theory on why it takes longer for some but can be done with a lower k/d.


                        If you just started playing the game (like me) then there is  a learning curve and you will take excessive downs.... meaning it's harder to rank up than those who already know the game (from BO1) and come right out the gate with great stats.  My thinking is that even with a low k/d, as long as you are continually improving, you will eventually get ranked up even without a great k/d.


                        I track my stats so that I can see my month to month progress.  The overall numbers don't reflect your current game play.... but your month to month stats do and I think there is something in the code that takes current play into consideration.


                        For example, below are my monthly (end of month) stats from when I started tracking them:


                        April - k/d = 64.96

                        May - k/d =  179.20

                        June - k/d= 151.72

                        July - k/d=  202.98

                        August - k/d = 133.13



                        My current overall k/d is only 63.85 but as you can see, my monthly stats consistently improve (with some fluctuation when new maps come out).    I'm sure September is going to look like sh*t too as I've taken some excessive downs in Origins.  Even so, I haven't lost my knife (yet) so it's all good.


                        I have been playing the game since November 29, 2012 and I just ranked up to the knife on August 10, 2013.  Took a long time but I definitely feel I've earned the rank up legitimately by continuing to play without doing any reset trick or abandoning my account in favor of a new one.   My point being.... just keep playing, I do believe you will rank up soon.


                        Good luck

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                            Re: Can i still...?

                            Something to point out, and I may be wrong, but I think the total number of games played is factored into this formula, hence the reason the guys girlfriend ranked up with a lower k/d. It's probably based on a few different things, kills/downs, kills/ deaths, rounds survived, and then base that on the number of games played overall. There are so many threads asking "am I close to _____ rank", it's hard to tell because some people get it earlier than others. Number of games HAS to be a factor or we would get it all at the same k/d...

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                                Re: Can i still...?

                                Ok, you could have a good point here, cause my girlfriend plays only survival on town, and 90% of the time she has at least one friend in the lobby, so when the randoms leave, they are still with two people and keep going untill they both die. And allthough i play on die rise 80% of the time, i also play all the other maps, so i won't get bored or frustrated about one map. And most of the time i play with randoms, cause my friends don't want to play on different maps. And 99% of the time, i'll end up alone against the zombies because everybody else leaves when they go down. And if that happens in a few games after each other, then i'll get frustrated and end the game when i'm left alone.


                                But i'll keep trying, like i said earlier, i now play games with around the 1000 kills without going down, sometimes more (one time on buried, i was camping next to the saloon and i got far into the 2000 kills without going down. Don't ask me how, cause i tried to do it again a few times, and now i can't get to that numbers without going down)


                                So eventually i will get it.

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                                Re: Can i still...?

                                Thanks, and i wasn't planning to stop playing, if i want something, i'll keep going untill i have it.


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                            Re: Can i still...?

                            Umm its going to be damn harddddd.

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