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    Vehicles killstreaks in future Call of Duty games

      Its to late for Ghosts and possibly to late for next years Call of Duty. but controllable vehicles in Call of Duty like tanks or Jeeps with mounted MG, helicopters and over vehicles would be (I think) a good idea.


      the idea is you earn the killstreak and wait for it to arrive on scene, when it does you jump in and control it, or maybe something like the Jeep, you get driven around the map while you use the MG on the back to kill enemies. the lack of control may balance the speed of the car and the car's armour (just a thought) so you could be wondering for ages where no one is.


      Vehicles will lead to anti vehicle equipment like anti tank mines or spike strips. and current equipment will be used better like EMPs, FMJ attachment, launchers, C4 and grenade launcher. EMP should not destroy the killstreak but temporally disable it so they can plant C4 or over explosives on it safely


      The maps will need to be large for the killstreak to seem useful, but also the maps should change to the vehicles, like walls should be smash-able with a tank. if the player smashes all 4 (or just 2) walls of a building while the tank is inside, the building should collapse on top of the tank killing the player and destroying the tank. but not all walls should be smash-able or whats the point of walls in the first place

      The challenger 2 tank uses smoke for defence but in-game, there should limited uses. I think about 2 max for balancing purposes. limited ammo for the vehicle as well  so you can't spend the whole game inside the tanks or any over vehicle.

      like the Jeep with a MG on the back, the MG should only hold 300 ammo max, when you used it you have to get out and fight like normal until you earn another Jeep killstreak

      as always, getting killings using killstreaks should not count to your killstreak stack.

      Tell me what you think about vehicles in future Call of Duty games, and if you liked my idea or edit my idea or have a whole new idea of your own about how vehicles could work in Call of Duty