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    Origins Easter Egg Help Please

      I was attempting to do the Origins Easter Egg last night, and I completed getting the fists, getting the airstrike tactical grenade, and upgrading all the staffs. I must add that this was solo, but it was in a custom game lobby set on easy, because I'm really not too good at zombies. However, now that I have done all this there is no spots in the giant mechs, or in the bottom of the excavation site for me to put the staffs. I have all the generators active, and am unsure as to what could be causing this issue. The first thing I did was activate all the generators, then I got the fists, and the airstrike beacon. After that I got all the staffs and built them all and did their upgrade challenges as well. I placed all the staffs in to be upgraded at their spots in the Crazy Place except the fire staff, as there were not enough zombies to complete its challenges. After I completed the fire staff's challenge I already had the ultimate wind staff. I did the other challenge, and placed the fire staff down there as well. Then I went and picked up each individual upgraded staff so I could get the achieve for holding all upgraded staffs. After that I went to put lightning in its corresponding mech, but there was nothing in there. I checked all the others with similar results. If there's any more information someone needs in order to know if I did something wrong please ask, but I do want to have this easter egg completed someday, and I got really close last night.

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