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    Talking about sniping and about quickscoping

      This is the most conman excuse people use to call a sniper who quickscopes unskilled, it aim assist abuse and auto aim.

      This 100% nonsense and this is frustrating me people thinking sniping is sad and for noobs, and on occasions I have been told I am better of dead because I quickscoped someone. you got to have no life to think this.


      The aim assist is only every gun, look in the settings it says aim assist, and the games pre-set has this setting turned on for everyone unless they disable it.


      If I put ACOG on an assult rifle and iron sight on the Ballista, would you say the assult rifle is abusing aim assist and the sniper is not. or would you be to strong minded over something that is false!


      aiming a sniper is harder due to the scope obstruction, slow ads (aim down sight) time and large crosshairs.

      this confuses me because snipers are the most accurate weapons you can hold over long ranges and everything about the build of a snipers need to be accurate for the task of assassination or long range engagement.


      And you can quickscope in real life. snipers are a little heavier then assault rifle but if you was a spacial service solider, you are trained to be strong and fast. and I am 100% sure using and aiming guns is the number 1 thing they learn.

      I am not saying they do but I am sure they are more then capable of "quickscoping". and I know if they make a service that just "quickscoped" people will be able do it with great accuracy just like in the game.

      I see people on YouTube with a sniper proving you can't quickscope, but they own a gun. does not mean they know how to use it, and these people are small of stature I am sure they haven't used a gun for a living and to live!


      and this is my main point, any injury people claim you will sustain if you attempt to quickscoped in real life, but what if your life depended on it. If my life depended on quickscoping where I might injure my arm, I would not care, what's the worst that can happen? dislocated arm?

      I have never had a bullet shot in me nor any injury to my arm, I do not know which is more painful. but I know life is worth any pain.

      the only thing that would stop me, is aiming down the scope, the force of a sniper will push your eye back into your head, but saying this I wouldn't aim down sight, but this does not mean I can't aim unless looking throw the scope.

      A sniper rifle is still a rifle, you do not need to aim down sight to kill someone if they are close enough. the scope is only for long distance engagements.


      The maps on Call of Duty are small, small enough so you can aim a sniper without needing to aim down sights but this requires extra coding and possible new buttons on console controllers to aim and aim down the scope.


      Using a sniper takes about the same amount of skill as any over gun in the game.

      I use every gun on call of duty. I have under a 3 K/D and 300 score per minute so you know I am not a noob but a skilled player. I can see the skill that is needed to use every guns and snipers are no different. I do handgun only, sniper only. knife only etc.etc. I know how to use every gun and just that gun alone. By the way I did have a 3.40 K/D but since I came prestige master I do not care for my stats. I like trolling people and mucking about now


      If you wise to comment, leave an adult comment and be respectful to everyone who comments. I am tired of people acting childish when talking about quickscoping (on both sides) so please, just be respectful, I and overs will not listen to your contribution if you are abusive and bad mounted. even if they are on your side about quickscoping.



      P.S my grammar and spelling are bad (I do not care for English. I did better in maths and science at school) but I really hope most will understand what I am talking about, and I want people to understand quickscoping is somewhat skilled and is not just abuse of aim assist.