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        40. Re: Quickscoping

        Im just gunna throw in my 2 cents here, I like what iv heard about the sniper rifles in Ghosts, now in a sec im gunna list a few things but please watch drift0r's video on the subject first:




        there was also another video but I can't remember which, either way.


        1. Sniper rifles cannot fire during the ADS animation so you have to either hip-fire or full ADS to shoot.


        2.obviously due to the above sniper-rifles retain hip-fire accuracy until fully ADS.


        3.much lower movement during ADS.


        4.no hip-fire crosshair.


        5.the scope crosshair will not necessarily be in the middle of the screen when ADS


        6. possibly no aim-assist


        I feel that all these will make QSing possible but pretty damn hard to the point I do think it would be fair to regard it as a "skill" at the very least QSers will have to AIM to get a hit and I think thats pretty fair.

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          41. Re: Quickscoping

          So what if some people do figure out to quickscope?  Is it more important not to have quickscopers than cheaters?  Just saying.

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            42. Re: Quickscoping

            Its pretty clear (I think) that QSing is going to be in Ghosts,all the listed points don't mean QS can't be in the game but thats not so important as how easy/hard actually doing it is.

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              43. Re: Quickscoping

              Well if you are basing that off of the reveal footage then you are actually wrong because the reveal footage is pretty much an alpha build of the game not the actually full proof copy. Things can change. Maybe it will be much harder to do. That I am fine with.

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                44. Re: Quickscoping

                So the SMGs can be long range lasers like MW3's MP7, but snipers cannot quickscope.  Seems fair.

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                  45. Re: Quickscoping

                  Yep, Snipers are viable at long range and can kill in one shot. If SMGs can't one shot and be as accurate as a sniper then the snipers shouldn't be able to quickscope and be viable at close range.

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                    46. Re: Quickscoping

                    yes of course its an alpha build and things change but between the tweets and information the devs have given various sources it appears that my post is more or less correct in that QS will possible but will be harder than it has been in the last few titles, this is not a bad thing by any stretch, and with the average map size increasing again hopefully people will be more inclined to use a sniper rifle "properly".

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                      47. Re: Quickscoping

                      sorry to say but yer the MW3 MP7 was a laser just as he says, it might not have been able to one-shot players but it certainly could fire full auto and still hit snipers at those ranges at which point scope idle sway and view kick from being hit pretty much made it just as lethal.

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                        48. Re: Quickscoping

                        A sniper shoots every 1 seconds or so and SMGs can put out 10+ bullets in a second.  I don't see how snipers are a "viable" choice at close range.  I don't understand what you are trying to say.


                        If quickscoping is so viable then why don't you see Pro players only snipe?  Because it isn't a viable choice and that is the truth.

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                          49. Re: Quickscoping

                          No one weapon class should ever be able to get a kill in one shot at any range. that is a imbalance to the game by allowing that. Each weapon should have strong area's and weak area's where in those weak area's they loose 90% of the matches.


                          A SR can kill in one at any range, no other gun class can do that.

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