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        400. Re: Quickscoping

        Hope you feel better.

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          401. Re: Quickscoping

          Even though, low and behold, the developers HAVE conceded that it's a glitch in the aim assist, Robert Bowling, who used to work for IW, admitted as much in an interview, rendering the rest of your essay irrelevant. In fact, I stopped reading right there because that's all I needed to know. NEXT!

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            402. Re: Quickscoping

            Are you reading what you are posting? The weakest assault rifle is 4 hit kill the rest are 3 hit kill and the weakest smg is 5 hit kill also I thought you were mad about quickscoping judging by your post you hate snipers in general cause here's a news flash ALL guns except the shotgun have infinite range and quickdraw and aim assist. Also lower your sensitivity and you can stay on target that would be the only reason why your sight goes off target is because you are over compensating. Not to be mean or come off hostile but I am not a quickscoper and even I know they did the nerf wrong they should of added sway and flinch and idle sway and removed aim assist and then decrease sticky aim that would of made it way harder to quickscope not reduce fire rate.

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              403. Re: Quickscoping

              This post with this video is the epitome of being a hypocrite why? Because you are attacking them with the same immature comments that they attack the people who disagree with them with which in this case two wrongs don't make a right. And no before you call me a quickscoping little kid or resort to comparing quickscoping with homosexuality I am a tactical player not a quickscoper.

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                404. Re: Quickscoping

                BTW I stand corrected (actually, more like correcting myself) when I said snipers were the only guns that benefited from having aim assist, shotguns are one hit kill also, which I ALSO feel should have aim assist removed. Any gun that's a one hit kill weapon should NOT be able to abuse a glitch that instantly locks on target after barely even lifting the gun up to ADS (or hipfire in the case of shotties) with it for obvious reasons.

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                  405. Re: Quickscoping

                  Quickscoping has been removed.

                  You must aim the scope for at least 2 seconds (something rather) To maintain accuracy

                  Every shot that is zoomed and shot before that time period is classed as a no scope

                  Sniping now is more like battlefield styls aiming.

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                    406. Re: Quickscoping

                    HeadhunterX89 wrote:


                    Even though the developers themselves (i.e: Robert Bowling) ADMITTED that it's part of aim assist, meaning it doesn't require you to aim? And clearly, if the guy "halfway" pulls up his gun (meaning he didn't pull up his gun) and split-second kills me without even scoping in, it didn't require him to move his sights on me one bit.


                    And yes, all other guns have aim assist, the difference is, an SMG or AR takes 5 or 6 shots to kill from any range (barring headshots), a sniper takes ONE from literally any distance. Also, the aim assist will push your crosshairs off the guy after the first shot with an SMG or AR (meaning your first shot is the only one that's actually "assisted" with a regular gun) whereas with a sniper, the first shot is obviously all you need, even if it hits them in the leg (which, to my knowledge, no real gun ever did that, let alone a "virtual" gun that's supposed to be much weaker than its real life counterpart for the sake of balance and fun) and there's no recoil on them, so clearly, the sniper is the only gun that *truly* benefits from having aim assist.

                    As clearly as the glitch/exploit/technique can be defined, compared and contrasted.


                    I'll bet apologists will respond with either one of the following:


                    1)  Completely ignore the truths you just articulated.  For example, "QS is an extremely difficult skill to master.  So, I don't want to hear any facts about OHKs or balance issues."


                    However, we all know it's a glitch easily mastered with a few hourse of practice.  if you're a successful QSer, your success is more likely the result of you QSing coupled with good map skills.  If you run around QSing without map skills, chances are you're one of the vast majority of QSers out there going 8-15 in TDM.


                    2)  Downplay/minimize and/or ofiscate the truths you just articulated.  For example, "QS kills only "occasionally" occur at close range.  So, even though it has an overwhelming OHK advantage, it doesn't matter because it only "occasionally" happens."


                    However, we all know the majority of QS kills occure at close to mid range, don't we?

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                      407. Re: Quickscoping

                      imprisndxouter wrote:


                      Quickscoping has been removed.

                      You must aim the scope for at least 2 seconds (something rather) To maintain accuracy

                      Every shot that is zoomed and shot before that time period is classed as a no scope

                      Sniping now is more like battlefield styls aiming.

                      I heard...


                      You must aim the scope for at least 5 seconds to kill.

                      Every shot that is zoomed and shot before that time period will be blanks.

                      Sniping now is more like real life.



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                        408. Re: Quickscoping

                        Eh, they still need BF's bullet drop at long ranges.

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                          409. Re: Quickscoping

                          That has absolutely NOTHING to do with why I dont like them. I have said time and again that my problem with them is the fact that the majority of them do NOT help their team. I am sorry if you dont think they should be punished because of their playstyle but when it comes to them being downright stupid and ignoring objectives and handicapping their team, THAT is where it becomes unacceptable.


                          I dont care if you think they should be able to play how they want. The fact is that most dont help their team so why in the hell should they be allowed to continue to play in a way that is not beneficial to either the team or match objectives. No reason you could give in response would pose any kind of justification towards this.


                          When was I ever complaining? All I ever did was voice my opinion on the matter by stating simple facts and experience. Sometimes I even had an intelligent conversation with someone who had an opposing view. But not ONCE did I EVER complain.


                          And no they cant handle it. This thread is a great example. Just look at how many pages there are and how many arguments there have been going both ways. The only reason you havent seen much is because most people here who have been around the COD forums in the past know well enough not to start any threads about it because we know that THIS kind of thread will be the end result. You should have seen the MW2 forums and BO forums back then. The amount of QS threads on both were horrendous. The only time something like this happens is when someone new to the forum makes one up and then all hell breaks loose in the thread...much like this one.


                          This thread should have ended long ago but then you have people who keep going just so they can have the last word.


                          Let me re-iterate MY view on this ONE LAST TIME since not only you, but others keep forgetting what MY opinion is. I dont like them. Not because of "aim-assist" or "glitching" or "exploiting", but because they are unsporting players in terms of NOT playing by the objective in objective matches and NOT being cooperative teammates. I have had so many S&D matches ruined because of these players I actually stopped playing it regularly since MW2. I have also been in other objective matches where I yelled at my QS teammates to either grab a flag they were literally standing next to or that the enemy was capping/planting while, again, they were standing there THE WHOLE TIME. I am not looking for you to agree with me nor am I looking for your approval so I can keep posting. All I ask is that you let me express my opinion, as i have been doing, without you constantly forgetting what my view is and trying to argue. You wont change your opinion nor will I change mine. THAT IS IT. END OF STORY. What is so hard to understand about this? This is why these kinds of threads just wont go away. Its because some people just dont know when to accept that others have their opinions that differ from their own yet the other person keeps going and going even though both sides have stated their views multiple times to where it is just so damn annoying because of how repetitive it is. Just leave it alone.

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