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        500. Re: Quickscoping

        I don't get all this hate towards quickscoping when ALL guns in Black Ops 2 go out of their intended ranges and are still effective. I really don't get it cause it's mind boggling when someone comes on these forums and complain about how quickscoping needs to be removed because it's hitting them at close range but they are perfectly fine with being out gunned at medium and long ranges by a shotgun or smg.

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          501. Re: Quickscoping

          No balance issue? I have to respectfully disagree. If a sniper rifle is using quickscoping it is not doing what it was designed to be done. Snipers rifles are not meant to be as successful as they are in close combat for good reasons. Of course the most obvious reason is at how baffling and idiotic it appears when a sniper rifle kills you up close. Secondly, how exactly is it fair if someone has a weapon that is viable at all ranges and is a OHK? It isn't. Shotguns are essentially counterparts to a Sniper rifle, though they are certainly uneven. A shotgun is USELESS at long rage. While with quickscoping a sniper rifle is viable at close range? Doesn't seem fair at all. Is it overpowered? By no means. It's not like a guy can go 50-5 consistently quickscoping. However in a close rage combat like it was mentioned above, a sniper rifle can beat you practically 4/10 at close range, and dominainte long range. Causing those 3-4 deaths per game that shouldn't have even happened. The sniper was either run n gunning which shouldn't be effective either way or was caught out, and can magically make up for it by quickscoping me in the face? No thanks. Snipers should ideally have the mobility of an LMG and have hitmarkers removed. This would not bother anyone who snipes normally.


          That isn't the only issue as I see it. More cons come than pros with quickscoping. I really can't think of any pros of having this other then its fun to a few select people and its a "challenge"(only because people use it incorrectly!) but i digress. Quickscopers majority of the time do not play the objective, which is a problem. Sure, anyone can ignore the objective, but I don't think anyone can deny that quickscopers do it more times then not. Not only this, but you get kids/teens w/e spinning around jumping off cliffs in S&D ruining games for people. Search has been that way the past 4 years.. Ground war is completely infested with them the last times I've played. Needs to be either be removed or kept for private/wager matches. OUT of public.

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            502. Re: Quickscoping

            actually hate to break it to you, they are and have been for a long time.


            And as for your next point you would have something if snipers won 100% of the time. But they dont. They die at long range to a weapon outside their "range" just as much as they kill outside their if not less.


            Why are shotguns a counterpart? your just associating them because Traditional thinking places those weapons at opposite ends. But heres the thing, A sniper in real life can still shoot you up close, a Shot gun can do the same thing. But be that as it may, This is not a realistic game. No weapon preforms 100% in their best range. They ALL cross into each others high performance areas. Shot guns stay into the mid range engagements, but they are the ONLY class besides a riot shield that cannot engage at long range.


            And why shouldnt those 3-4 deaths have happened? The sniper aimed at you and shot you, so why not? You had enough time to react and engage with your SMG, shotgun, assault rigle, cross bow, c4, RPG, LMG. And heres the thing, If you are accurate with those 4 bullets chances are in your favor of winning that gunfight. Now some people dont like skill being brought up because they think It has no place. But I have one point I want to make, You CAN, skill or no skill, fire off the 3-4 shots needed to kill in the time it will take them to ADS and fire. And heres the thing, if thats the case and you STILL die, thats for one of two reasons, A: you reacted too slow or B: You missed one or more of the crucial shots needed to earn the kill. I dont know about you guys, but in that situation I blame myself. Im the one who missed, If I hadnt I would have won.


            Not to mention the fact that they can ignore aiming down the sight and go for strait up hipfire because their hipfire will be more accurate then your snipers, not to mention if they have the attachment for it. And add onto that not suffering the movement penalty for aiming down the sight thus making them even harder targets which is an attribute of those weapon classes that no one wants to take into account.


            Like I said if you caught them and they STILL get you thats on your end, not theirs. It takes them the same amount of time to kill you as it will for you to kill them.


            Its not just quickscopers that do not play the objective and its not just CoD players either. And if you add up the number of people not doing the objective I promise you we would have more people who dont play the objective yet dont Quickscope while doing it then we would having People who QS not try to help. This is people just singling them out because what they do is more noticeable then the other things and people tend to link them because they have a very obvious common thing, snipers.


            Kids and teens do it and young adults and old adults and middle aged adults, Trying to pin this on one age group is the same thing as saying that kids are the only ones that act stupid online.


            Its been this way for ages. Since before CoD4 has this existed. I seriously think its time for people to get over it, realize its no different then any of the other hundred thousand ways we abuse the items in this game, as in we dont use them in traditional manner.


            Snipers Dominate long range a majority (not all) of the time, Do alright mid range but are out done by assault rifels, They have limited abilities Close range and are more likely to lose then to win (2/10- 4/10, and of the ones they win, a few will not be because they are amazing but more so because the other player screwed up) And out out preformed by SMG's Regularly.


            Assault rifles Dominate mid range a majority of the time. They do alright Close range but are out done by SMG's and Shotguns. They do alright long range but are outdone by Snipers.


            SMG's dominate close quarters a majority of the time. They do alright mid range but are outdone by Assault rifles. They have limited ability at range and are outdone by snipers.


            Shot guns Dominate extreme close quarters a majority of the time. They do alright Close quarters but are outdone by SMG's. They have limited ability at Mid range and are outdone by Assault rifles.

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              503. Re: Quickscoping

              Okay but smgs can kill people at long range and it can be instant and shotguns can get a one shot kill at medium range and LMGs can get a kill at close range and the knife can kill people with out even touching them and people can get head shots with out aiming for the head. You aren't attacking quickscopers because it defies logic you are attacking them because you can't beat them. Hate to break it to you ALL play styles have bad apples who never play the objective and don't forget about the trolls who play Search they ruin it for their entire team on purpose. So please stop attacking quickscopers until you come back with some actual facts oh and stop using the little kid insult it's getting old. What's funny is I am a tactical player and I am telling you this.

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                504. Re: Quickscoping

                The problem with the argument about SMGs and the like getting kills outside of their kill range is this simple fact......most COD maps now are CQC maps and are VERY small. That is why you see people getting kills at the supposed "long range" with the SMGs and Shotguns.


                I have been seeing people trying to use that "outside of their range" argument for the last few pages but sometimes you guys really do exaggerate. You have to keep in mind and remember that these maps are not as big as they used to be. The last COD that really had any kind of long range map was the first BO. Since then, in MW3 and BO2, the focus has been revolving around more of the CQC type maps because of how fast pace this game is/supposed to be.


                So yea, you WILL have SMGs getting kills at "long range" because most of the maps now are smaller making it 'seem' like it is long range but the fact is that the maps are smaller so you cant really keep making that argument. And just because the maps are smaller, that still doesnt make any excuse to QS. Every class has a secondary, there is no reason why you cant use it unless of course you are playing BO2 and you have your "pick 10 system" set up to where you had to get rid of your secondary. That is another reason why I dont like the pick 10. People try to use that as an excuse for why they cant do certain things like have a secondary on a QS class. Trouble with that is they made it like that which is their own fault and they have no excuse.

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                  505. Re: Quickscoping

                  This thread is becoming pretty boring now,


                  Doesnt matter what arguments anyone puts forward,


                  People who want quickscoping will never agree to having it removed and people who dont want it will never agree to keep it in, so really what is the point in this thread?


                  And dont say because its a discussion forum, because this topic has been discussed umpteen times on the ghosts forum alone, let alone the sheer number of threads on the other parts of the forum, the arguments and counter arguments have been going round in circles for more than a while now, no one ever really adds anything new, its always "balance" "other guns can work outside their effective range" "its not a realistic game" "its too unrealistic" etc etc etc


                  It just keeps going round and round and round and round.


                  Activsion/IW/Treyarch between them should put up a poll, vote for or against quickscoping, whichever side wins the vote decide whether it stays in the game or not.


                  Easy answer

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                    506. Re: Quickscoping

                    The problem is that they cant have a poll unless it is in the game and have it run for at least a week. Even though a lot of people are registered on this forum, there are 40+ million players that play this game but not all of them are registered on the A/IW/TA sites. And if they put the poll in the game, the majority of players who play a decent amount are not always online at the same time so the poll would have to run for at least a week, or even longer than that to get somewhat of an accurate count.

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                      507. Re: Quickscoping

                      If thats what they'd have to do then so be it, it wouldnt be any different the BO2 voting system for camos.


                      roll out a poll across ghosts and bo2 when signing into MP so people cant miss it, and just ask the simple question


                      Quickscoping in future titles?




                      I would of thought it would be too late for any major changes in ghosts now with only 10 days or so until launch, but for future titles it wouldnt be an issue.

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                        508. Re: Quickscoping

                        I don't know why anyone should think their favorite aspect of the game should somehow have some sort of immunity to change.


                        Ghost/UAV Jammer users had have their favorite perk amended to near uselessness.


                        Why should quick scopers think they are more important or more spethal?

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                          509. Re: Quickscoping

                          they have had to deal with change themselves. It just not the change everyone who hates it is looking for

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