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    Don't "revenge kill" team mates!

      I have no doubt this is an old subject. I also have no doubt that people who "revenge kill" team mates, probably don't even come to this board.


      But for those who might, here's some advice - DON'T DO IT!


      I probably kill a team mate (on accident) at least once a match. Wether it's because I got trigger happy, or because the team mate ran in front of my gun as I was shooting. But I've made it a point to personally look at those situations (that is, if a team mate kills me) as an accident. I don't go seeking revenge. It may make you feel better - for a moment - but you aren't helping the team win the match!


      I understand there's trolls in a lot of the matches. But it's easy to know if someone shot you by accident or on purpose because they'll keep trolling you. Believe me, if I kill you on accident once and you come running back at me, I can easily kill you a second time on purpose.


      Bottom line - don't seek revenge on team mates. Always assume it was an accident and continue after the real enemy. It does no one any good and might even get you kicked from the game. And that certainly doesn't help the team.

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          maybe insta-banning should be in place for when one teammates team kill, then revenge kill?

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            it happens. but..

            when i shoot an enemy, right in front of my team mate and he takes the tags, and this happens more than once: i shoot him.


            when a team mate shoots me then tries to take my care package, i shoot him.


            when i'm in a clearing, as is my team mate.. and he shoots me, i shoot him.


            if i'm coming around a corner, i'm behind an object, he/she is flashbanged/emp'ed/etc i do not shoot back.

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              There's no way you can just ASSUME that it's ALWAYS a mistake...because it's often quite obviouse that it is indeed on


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                  I agree, roc. BUT, if the guy did it on purpose, he'll do it again - then you know he's a troll. At that point, I find him and try to get him to shoot me again so he'll get kicked.


                  When I accidentally team kill, I actually EXPECT that the guy is gonna come after me. I don't talk on the mike, so I don't try to apologize that way (maybe I should, but some people don't want to hear that, either). So if they come back, I'll just let them do what they want to do if it makes them feel better. I do feel bad when it happens and I'm sure the team mate was probably on some sort of incredible score streak (I also don't think it's fair that your score streak gets reset on team kills, but that's another topic that's been hammered here before). I guess, bottom line is people are gonna do what they're gonna do.


                  But I'm making it official here:


                  If I ever team kill you, it was an accident!! Sorry!!



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                  I think my all time favorite team kills are when you have the death machine and your own team mate decides that at THAT EXACT MOMENT is a good time to run directly in front of you..  There isn't a weapon less controllable when you are firing at an enemy than that and that is usually when I end up with a TK.

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                    I shot stupid teammates quite often. If they steal my tag, I shoot them. If I can tell they are going to steal my tag, I shoot them. If they keep running in front of me while I'm in a firefight I shoot them. And every time I shoot one, they try and find me to shoot me back.. that's just the way it is.  People are dumb , if I get kicked for killing moron teammates, I can find another game.


                    Off topic: mods, could you please fix the website. A big flashing red bar every five seconds is pretty annoying. We don't need auto save.

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                      when its my mistake or it was an accident i let it slide.


                      when that person was just being a retard ill knife him.


                      its not that hard to see the difference.

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                        Generally speaking you are correct.  It often happens that you get TKed on accident and not seeking revenge is better for the team as a whole.  However, from time to time it seems that some teammates will shoot you in the back just because they feel like it.  Not so much as a traditional troll would but maybe because you just cleared the enemies off the flag and even though he was still 20 feet behind you and had you in his view the whole time, he's upset that you didn't wait for him.  In those cases, I often let it slide but sometimes I do drop him for being a douche.  Then if he seeks revenge he going to be at least 2 TKs towards getting kicked and he's going to have to play the rest of the match straight or he won't be in my lobby.

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                          When someone takes my tags - I do not shoot them. why? because I want to win more than getting my next streak

                          When someone drops a CP - I do not shoot them. Why? Cause I am not a douche

                          When someone kills me when I am surrounded by enemies - I do not shoot them. why? Cause better to take me out then to hope I kill them before they kill my teammate


                          I do shoot:

                          - trolls

                          - boosters

                          - someone who shot at me when no enemy was around (shows they have no clue how to tell who is on the their team*, or they are a troll)

                          - people who are trying to take my CP (but I barely use that streak in HC)


                          * You see this both in Core and HC: People shoot at anything just in case it is an enemy because their trigger fingers work faster than they can rationalize a friendly from an enemy

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                            I have kill team member by accident while shooting at enemy they respawn and the next thing I know they kill me. And most time they get kick. funny how they get mad for killing them by accident when they have already kill others. Just yesterday this idiot kill me when I was 1 kill away from dogs on purpose I had VSAT on no anemies near me anyways I just let it go.

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                              If I sense purpose or sheer numbskullery behind my being TK'd, I will seek revenge and teabag for good measure. Conversely, if I accidentally TK someone, I'll often seek them out and give them the opportunity to TK me.


                              Its not difficult to discern between someone being an utter arse, or a genuine case of sh%t happening.

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                                OP, I do in fact agree with you for the most part. 

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                                  Well I for one NEVER revenge kill. I have accidentally killed a team mate either because i was EMPed Flashed, Concused, or the game simply did not place their PND ID above them indicating that they were a friendly until after the bullets have left my gun. I ALWAYS apologize when I do team kill someone. As for the trolls if they want to TK me then let them ill just stand still until they are either kicked or move on if they move on instead of putting a tick on my TK limit I jut wait for that right moment to run in front of his bullets thus kicking him form the game. Its just best if you realize s*** happens and move on. Trolls will never go away as they need to find some way to justify there sorry pathetic lives. But don't empower them to keep trolling if you ignore them they will get bored and move the F*** on.

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                                    i like how i can chase an enemy player and shoot him for days, resulting in a ton of hit markers. on HC. but when i even THINK about shooting someone...then realize "oh, it's a team mate", they fall over dead from my 1/2 bullet. did i even touch the trigger?? did i breathe on it too hard? insta death. why can't i do that to the bad guys??