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    Ever have one of those days?

      Last night when I got home from work I decided to unwind with some COD-BO2. Being after midnight in the western US, I often find that a lot of the other players are in places like Hawaii. I'll tell you what - those guys are sneaky! They hide in places on the map that I would have never thought to look and then you run by, completely oblivious and BAM - right in the back! They're tough! When I see a clan of them, I leave the lobby (only if they're on the OTHER team! lol).


      So I basically got worked - played about 10 matches (HCTDM) and only went positive on one of them. Kind of frustrating.....


      But today, before heading into work I played a few more rounds and wasn't doing too bad (probably NO Hawaiians in the games!) I was going to stop and get ready for work, but Standoff came up as the next match. That's probably my favorite map, so I decided, "what the heck - I've got time for one more".


      Went 24-2 (for me, that's GOOD) and went through my score streaks twice!


      Anyway, I was happy and that made up for my miserable performance the night before.


      Just wanted to share. Have a good weekend everyone!

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          rewarding games here and there are all that keep us going. it's so rare and we get so stoked, we suffer through 50 more bad games. however.. i must say that my connection has been much better lately. i feel like "most" of my deaths are fair. i have less of the "just falling over dead" thing going on. i've been having more fun and going 1.5+ or better, like i USED to. or.. maybe it's because my girl and i both play at the same time and we have fun even when getting stomped 100-31 on HC KC (yay boosters and god mode).


          as for the people that hide: i come across many lobbies where people hide in the most random of places, with cold blooded. there is no defense for someone that sits in those weird places. no matter how slowly you move, you can't see 'em. sneaky indeed.

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              I know what you mean, sometimes I can't hit a barn door from 3 feet away no matter what map or what lobby I'm in and other times I can't miss and even get the odd head shot from stupid far away with a pistol. Thankfully most of the time I'm in the middle of both extremes but yeah, I have them days too

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              Happens every so often to everyone I think.The last few days since the weekend it seems like I can not aim to save my life I am in no way a pro at it the best of times but I can hold my own the majority I know it means jack **** but my KDR is 1.80 something so I get more kills than deaths 99% of the time but these last few days have just been terrible for me and its nothing to do with lag or anything my aiming for some reason has gone down the pan my reactions are their but im hitting everything but the enemy lol.


              Best thing to do when like that is just stop playing for a few days I think its the minds way of saying hey I have had enough of this **** then after a few days of rest it will come back.Has happened to me since my first COD which was MW1.

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                some people are sneeky. yesterday in meltdown I heard a player shooting in the back of the map so I went to look for him couldnt find him. the next thing I know i see the top of a head, he was hidding outside the map on some rocks try to shoot him but he kill me. went back but he was already dead.

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                  Dont you just love when you have all night to sit and play and all your least favorite maps keep popping up. Then as soon as you have to go or you jump on real quick for a couple of games before work and all your favorite maps just keep popping up lol.

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                    Happens to me all the time, I start the night miserable, but just when I think I have had enough BAM! Dogs and Swarm!

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                      OP i hate to break it to you buuuuuut, you just got on the positive side of the lag comp and were able to take advantage of it.


                      its lag comps world you just in it.

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                        this game is not about skill. it pays off much better to be lucky (good side of the connection).

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                          Last night was the same for me, worked all weekend so I decided to play bo2 which I haven't done too much of lately. Mostly got smashed but then I got into a lobby with a clan. I haven't come across too many clans playing hardcore dom. So the match starts and within a minute they had swarms and dogs inbound. We hold all the flags for almost (maybe all?) the entire first round and I finally get the triple cap challenge done! End of game, lobby dumps and reforms and I start having a few good games and just when I say that I am going to bed I finally start cracking off some good games. Then it was really late.