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    DeFied Gaming seeking new members for Black Ops II and beyond (XBOX 360)

      deFied Gaming is mature gaming group/clan made up of gamers 18 and older.

      We are currently 35 +/- strong and are seeking to fill our ranks with some new players. We have a Military type rank structure, from General down to Recruit. We as a whole specialize in Hardcore TDM, but our members are not limited to any single game mode.

      And on Elite we participate in both clan challenges and Ops

      We have our own fully inter-active website that is for the benefit & betterment of all our members please feel free to check out our website at www.defiedgaming.com

      In deFied Gaming we hold / "camp" SOP's within a certain SPAWN area of any given map. We have assigned positions / AOR's and you will be expected to hold your assigned area. Our single biggest asset is communication and teamwork within the game and as such, you will be required to communicate when you position goes down, number of assailants and (rough) position of the assailants. If this does not fit your particular playing style, you can always be a friend of the clan and not in the clan.
      Current Potential Recruit Requirements:
      Play with deFied Gaming Members at least 5hrs per week
      Attend weekly meeting (Monday) and practice (both at 9PM eastern time)
      Attend weekly Private & Recruit Training sessions (until the rank of Lance Corp. then it is optional)
      Have a mic/headset and use it to communicate to others on your team
      Must be 18yrs old

      If you are interested in what defied Gaming may have to offer, please contact our Recruiting Officer. IBGamin1 via private message on the XBOX 360