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    [3ARC]Game of the week suggestion


      Hi there,


      Well , I noticed that another time we have nuketown 24/7, pretty boring, it's always the same thing..


      I think it would be nice to make different mods, for example:

      • Sniper only mod with predefined class.
      • TDM limited to 150 frags instead of 75.
      • Any gametype without Scorestreaks.


      That's just examples, what's your suggestions about "game of the week"  guyz?



      PS: Perhaps it's not the right forum to post this suggestion then feel free to move it at right place.

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          until the hackers and cheaters are gone it makes little difference what games we play on ...wont matter at all...even though the variable game list would be a great option...so I agree with you...but still feel it is a waste of time

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              Game of the Week:


              Try fixing Matchmaking...


              Try a Game of the week based upon KDR and NO Parties on Moshpit:

              1. 0.00~0.50
              2. 0.51~0.75
              3. 0.76~1.00
              4. 1.01~1.50
              5. 1.51~2.00
              6. >2.01
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                  Good idea, but being based on KDR only is not enough. I believe it would be better to be based on KDR * SPM because I have seen several low SPM players (<150SPM) camping the whole game and still be able to have a decent KDR (ie: 10 frags in a round but only 4 death = 2.5 KDR). Other example are 'aggressive' rushers with high SPM but a KDR <1.50.


                  Well anyway, good idea.

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                  Are you stupid or really stupid? Black ops 2 on PC has NO cheaters AT ALL! Get it in your head seriously, this isn't console with their poor anticheat. So far i haven't seen a SINGLE hacker. A SINGLE. Get some skill. Learn the difference between skill and hacker. All the hackers play 1-2 days and get banned from steam, they never return again, this isn't console to be able to avoid all those bans resets or any of that bullshit. This is steam. A VAC ban can't be removed.


                  /rant off

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                      You clearly have no knowledge on that subject and all I can garner is either you're deliberately Trolling or Cheat because I cannot imagine anyone saying something so outrageously dead wrong. Before you start that L2P crapola on me, my gun-only KDR is >2.


                      First, for whatever reason 3arch/Activision/Steam doesn't VAC Ban anyone in BLOPS2, and a ton of players are really PO'ed on that poor decision. Yes Players get a Permanent Ban but that's it and with no VAC Ban.


                      Second, as far as Cheaters, OMG 3arch/Activision has Permanently Banned Hundreds-of-Thousands to date from BLOPS 2; The source is the Activision Moderators themselves. Also, about 10%~15%+ of my BLOPS2 Steam friends to date have received a Permanent Ban. BTW finding a 100% 'clean' lobby i.e. no VAC Bans and/or some troll hacking is nearly impossible.


                      Either know or learn your facts first or don't post anything that you obviously do not know and/or quit Trolling.

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                          "First, for whatever reason 3arch/Activision/Steam doesn't VAC Ban anyone in BLOPS2, and a ton of players are really PO'ed on that poor decision. Yes Players get a Permanent Ban but that's it and with no VAC Ban."


                          You keep saying this in every thread but it is not correct. For instance this guy just tweeted pcdev today with a linked in-game VAC ban screenshot complaining about his ban. Searched him on Google fifth result is his steam profile showing VAC ban on record in red and he is complaining in his profile about being unable to play BOII now.


                          "I NEVER CHEATED :(.

                          INACTIVE TILL EXAMS ARE OVER.

                          I CANT PLAY COD:BOII ONLINE "


                          Twitter / ixNami_: @pcdev Why am i banned? ...

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                              I've linked at least two players that I personally know that got a Permanent Ban for a Cheat (AimBot) and have absolutely no VAC Ban to this day. In that last post I even went so bold as to post their Steam Accounts.


                              So I know for an absolute fact you're wrong here.


                              {note: I will remove shortly} To this day a good friend, review his screenshots - {I removed link}

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                              So far i haven't seen a single hacker unlike mw3. What does that lead me to think? That they get banned. Cheaters in general, nomatter if its boosting or hacking in any way. A person yesterday added me to ask me what kind of a hack i was using, then he added that he has found a camo hack and he was gona try it, guess what? After he did (and yes i checked his stats, he had 0 headshots on most of the guns and had the expert unlock) he got VAC banned. Instantly. This isn't a VALVe game for the ban to delay nor a console where you just create a new gamertag and continiue hacking or just get a new console and continiue doing it.

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                              back at you with your first sentence....lol....you evidently don't play pc version of black ops2 or any version for that matter....you just go through the forums and pick out something and reply as stupidly as possible...good job moron

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                            your ideas and solutions are the best I have seen and they make sense......too bad you don't work for trey arch or activision...our problems would have been solved  months ago...lol...

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                              too bad they couldn't go by ping as well...that would be asking too much I guess...lol

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                                Here are some good gamemodes. The party ones are mine :


                                Map gamemodes:

                                Turbine only - no HC (because hc is simply stupid, everyone gets his lmg and 1 shot kills you trough walls)

                                Carrier only - no HC

                                Raid only - no HC


                                Weapon gamemodes:

                                Sniper only - because its simply fun to snipe from time to time and many people like it

                                Pistols only - Same as above, i love testing my trigger finger against others

                                Knife only (not the combat/tactical) - I remember back in 2007 when i was hosting knife only servers on killhouse, they used to be full all the time

                                Barebones - No attachments, no perks.


                                Party gamemodes:

                                Can you aim? - no hipfire, no laser. Would like to see someone beat me into this one ;]

                                Axe madness - like one in the chamber but with axe and knfie only.

                                Sticks and Stones Multiteam - self-explainable

                                Tower defence - Team of 9 players against 9 bots on veteran. The players must use premade classes which include: Any shotgun with long barrel and a Shield as secondary. Flak jacket lightweight scavenger hardwired tactical mask trophy system and tactical insersion. 10 Lifes. Unlimited score. Bots have no life limit. 5-10 minutes gametime. Players must survive without dying.

                                Ghost hunters - Turbine only. 12 player ffa everybody using premade classes which you can choose from mp7 and m27 both with silencer. Class must have: five-seven with silencer, smoke grenade, ghost, lightweight, scavenger, hard wired and dead silence. Only UAV/CUAV. No lethals. No custom classes or at least everything restricted but the things above. This gamemode can be done in tdm GW if someone decides its best.