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    The Eurogamer AMA thread

      Next week is Eurogamer here in the UK ,the next stop on the Ghosts world tour and I will be there for the entire 4 days . I thought after the success of my mp reveal AMA i'd do another one for Eurogamer. I will be getting hands on time with Ghosts again as well as hanging out with some of the devs.  So if you guys have any questions you want to me ask or stuff you'd like me to find about about just post them below!


      As far as I know as I asked Mark Rubin yesterday in our euro cgn, the build at Eurogamer will be the same one seen at Gamescon last month. So i'm not sure if we will see anything new or anything else is unlocked but who knows!


      If you're going to Eurogamer make sure to say hi just look for my twitter handle ( @xmaccabix ) on the back of my t-shirt it's always nice to meet new people in the cod community especially those who you who lurk on the forums.



      *disclaimer I reserve the right to run from any of you from the OT forums as you'll all mostly fruit loop crazy