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    No League Play in CoD Ghosts is Not Good

      League play appeals to solo players and team squads for the same reason. Good competition in a competitive environment i.e. specific weapons, perks, maps, and game modes.


      Not having league play at all is a  HUGE step back. Public matches become so stale after a while where there is zero competition. Truly those experienced in CoD can 1v6 an average pub team.


      One cannot use the fact that only 6-10k are on league play at any given time... The reason for that is that people will often come and play their 2 games for the day to get their daily bonus and then quit for the day... That or they get a certain amount of + points and quit so to stay at their current ranking. Everyday 30-40k if not more people log into league play to play and rank up. There is probably hundreds of thousands of unique hits on league play every week. A majority of those strictly play league play because of its innovation into CoD.


      No league play would be a poor choice, and to say it is replaced with Clan Vs. Clan seems like a poor transition backwards...

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