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    Call of duty: Black Ops 2 Member search.

      Hey everyone


      Hey everyone ;-)


      I am the owner of a clan called Blackb1rd Squad. The clan has just got to level 10. Which means that we have got the Golden clan tag. We are only two mebers right now. The other member, Cycrox15 has a k/d of 0,78, but trust me he is getting better. I am zodiax15 and my k/d is 1,34, and did get from 1,21 to 1,34 on two days I have resetted my black ops 2 from prestige master to level 1 one time. Now I am prestige 3. We are searching everyone who likes Black Ops 2 and play it every week if possible.

      Your k/d doesn't really matter but of cause we also search hardcore players with some real skills. But the clan is open to almost everyone.


      If you think the age matters, I can say that I am 18 years old.


      I do not have a mic but will buy a headset with mic next month or the month after and that I mean.


      We won't necessarily play that much clan ops and competitions as we are lvl 10 and you don't get anything else that a new background on elite for levelling up. But if that is what you want we will do it.


      We also search members who want to play clan war. You know clan vs clan games.


      Mostly we search players from Europe but if you really want to join, apply anyway


      If you want to join go to this link: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/9574951 and apply.


      you can add me on psn: zodiax15


      I really hope to hear from a lot of you guys and I am looking forward to play BO2 with you.


      I am sorry if there are too many spelling mistakes.

      I am from Denmark, but I think my english is pretty good.