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    Concern with Squad


      I just read the new GameInformer and my concern about the Squad thing comes with the offline aspect. If you are offline, other people can still play against your squad and you would earn points the next time you log on.


      My question/concern is this. If other people can play against your squad when you are offline, will that affect your stats in any way? Surely if they win they would get that in their win column and a loss in your column but I really dont think it would be fair stat wise to have other people take their squad against yours when you are offline because you were not present to make any kind of difference in the match.


      Now, I really dont know if that is the way it is going to work, but as I said, that is a concern I have after I read about the whole squad thing in the GameInformer.

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          I feel that Squads is going to be EXTREMELY unsuccessful.  You don't have the competition of playing against people, just one person and a bunch of AI's.  I don't care how "advanced" and "real" IW says they are, AI's will never be as competitive as people.  Nobody's going to want to play it.  There's going to be less people playing that than Headquarters, which seriously just shouldn't be in the game anymore.  I've literally never seen more than 1,000 people playing it since MW2.

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              Well there are the people who are tired of the "competitive" scene so I think it will be successful in the long run besides all competitive scene is nowadays is spawn camping,spawn trapping and spawn killing no tactic involved no skill and no strategy involved either just strong weapons and spawn exploitation. Besides they already have the Clan vs. Clan playlist so they don't really need Squad to be competitive why do you think there's a survival mode in it? I like the idea cause quite frankly the competitive scene is getting to be the same boring experience over and over again the competitive mindset/scene is more repetitive then Skyrim.

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                That is wrong, rogue.   If Squads is playable solo offline, soldier creation is accessible offline, and modes like Safeguard and Wargame are playable offline,  SQUADS can be successful.


                There are lot of players that are fans of bots.  look at Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2,  people LOVE playing Terrorist Hunt, even solo. 


                offline + Soldier Creation + Squads + offline + a.i. bots (teammates and enemies) + modes + maps =  TONS OF REPLAY VALUE 


                it will give offline only players as well as those that play solo at times or practice or whatever MORE INCENTIVE to buy

                COD Ghosts and continue to play COD Ghosts, loooong after the campaign is done.


                And it will have even more replay value and usage if Squads Wargame makes all multiplayer modes playable offline solo with a.i. bots to fill up the teams.  It will be incredible!!!!  


                People shouldn't underrate a feature just because they only care about the online competition or its not a mode they would use,  it's valuable for players that are interested in using it.

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                    Well put...I would have given you 1000 thumbs up if I could. As a casual player and a player that purchase COD games mainly for the campaign I like Squad modes. The only issue I'm having for Squad mode is the Squad vs Squad...I can't figure out how to play my friend. When I try to play my friend in squad vs squad I play his squad, but my friend isn't playing...I'm NOT sure it's possible to play real players on different squad.

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                  To answer your question I could be wrong but to my understanding the game mode where you go against an offline squad is strictly experience meaning if your squad wins they xp if not then the other team gets experience.

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                    way i see it if you level up multiple squad members it will make it more of a challenge...atm people have 1 maybe 2 squadies to decent levels...think of what it will be like with 4-6 quality members with good loudouts!!! im looking forward to it tbh