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    Looking for a PS3/Xbox 360 clan

      Sick and tired of being denied to join a clan due to stats? Looking for a laid back, casual clan? That's where my new clan Blazin Nation comes in. As of right now there are no K/D requirements as the first 10 applicants will be instantly approved. Both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 users can apply. When you enlist you will not be treated like a random person instead here in Blazin Nation all future clan members will be treated like brothers, and sisters with respect, and dignity. All I ask is for you to follow a few rules I have.


      1. Must have a headset or at least get one in the near future

      2. No hacking, glitching, or boosting

      3. Be respectful

      4. No rage quitting

      5. Support all future clan members

      6. Must participate in all clan challenges

      7. Must be a active player


      Yes the rules are subject to change. The clan will accept any type of players from core to hardcore even zombies. The clan will be ready for Ghosts upon it's release. If your interested just apply via CoD elite and remember first ten applicants will be instantly approved!

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