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    online match making is a JOKE!

      right online match making... its so broken its untrue... if you play solo online its almost like you are bound to fail... why is this fair!! why is it persisting that it has 'good match making'... is anyone else experiencing this really bad online experience???

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          Re: online match making is a JOKE!

          Generally speaking, playing solo in team games is going against the grain quite a bit. When I play solo it's in FFA.


          Try scoping out our Clan Section if you need teammates or even asking in a new thread for people to PUG with.


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            Re: online match making is a JOKE!

            I would suggest trying to team up with some of the players that do good in a lobby with you. Ask them if you can team up. Communication is a key, so make sure they have a mic. Make some new friends and play with others. It makes the game much more enjoyable when you have a team to play with. It is a team game not a solo game so it will work best if you work as a team. Also check out the clan section as Foxhound-Pro suggested.

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              Re: online match making is a JOKE!

              It takes some serious skills to play solo and do well regularly.  I'd venture to say that nobody can pull it off every match.  However, if you learn how to be a strong solo player and win a good portion of the time then you'll find yourself making a lot of "friends" that will want to play with you regularly.  Playing in a party has it's own difficulties but generally is much easier that playing solo.

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