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    Black ops 2 | searching members for the clan Blackb1rd Squad

      Hey everyone We are Blackb1rd Squad and we are still looking for members.

      Almost anyone can join. there is 5 members so far but we need more so that we can play against other clans for fun.

      Your K/D doesn't really matter as long as you do your best. If you are only interested in being in the clan and don't want to play against other clans that is fine as long as you want to play with other members of Blackb1rd some times. You have to be an active black ops 2 player. That means that you have to play more then one time per month. I am not saying you have to play everyday but you have to be active.


      I have already bought the new call of duty ghosts, so if you want to play that game when it comes out you can apply to this clan too.


      go to this link: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/9574951

      and apply when you have read this and it has got your interest, but of cause it has ;-)


      My K/D is 1.38 if you wanna know that. score per minute is only 301 but I have also been playing a lot of Hardcore Domination lately so that is why.


      Before I reseted my Black ops 2 account from Prestige Master it was over 400 so...


      Well I hope I will see you soon as a member of our clan.


      One last thing. Please post your psn here or add me: zodiax15 so that I have you on the psn too.


      You can also just add me if you don't know how to apply. Then I will invite you to the clan.


      The clan has got the golden tag


      see you bye bye :-)