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    Wanted: zombie players on ps3

      I've had enough of playing with randoms, because it resulted in the worst week ever.


      In the past 7 days i've played seriously 4 games without people leaving or being selfish dickheads.

      Some dickhead moves are:

      In Die Rise, a guy walks up to my camp-spot (yes i camp until round 30), picks up my trample steam and leaves the game.

      Or another guy thought it was funny to open up all the doors, so everybody is basicly ******, and leave the game.

      Or another guy goes down, i run and jump through half the map, and then when i'm just starting to revive him, he leaves, resulting in me going down, and nobody even bothers to revive me.

      And i can keep going on with naming dickmoves, but i think we all know them.


      So to make a short story very long, i'm searching for players that are teamplayers, no dickheads and that don't leave.

      I don't care if you're good or if you're not so good, you just need to speak dutch or english and have a mic.

      In that case you can add me on ps3: Frits_Flitspaal or Grindbakkes


      And by the way, are there more people that are "pissed off" about the fact that if the host leaves a game, or lags, and the game ends, that you get stuck inside the elevators or fall down if you jumped just when the migrating starts? Or fall out of the gondela in mid-air or when some one jumps down and lands right on top of you, that you both die instantly?