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    Patch 1.15 ps3 install 14% error

      I Have suffered severely because of this patch Friday I heard that there was gonna  be 2x xp and so I decided to lay then i saw the patch and download it... I thought Everything was okay until it started installing IT suddenly stopped everytime it reached 14% and replied an error has occured. I have been doing this For 5 days straight MISSSING DOUBLE XP YES I CRIED... i wondered if it were the console itself so i downloaded a Demo and it ran perfect SO AFTER 5 DAYS OF SUFFERING WHAT CAN I DO TO PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN?????????

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          Re: Patch 1.15 ps3 install 14% error

          Hi Dead_Sniper13,


          Sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with downloading the update.  Please try clearing the game data Activision Support and try the download once again.  Additionally, what type of connection are you on (wired/wireless)? 


          Thanks ^AH

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              Re: Patch 1.15 ps3 install 14% error

              i am also having this same problem for the past 6 days error (80029654) and i have tried clearing game data (still didnt work), both wired/wireless connections (still didnt work) restored file system/rebuild database (still getting error at 14% installed), installed other game updates without any errors which leaves me clueless as to what the problem is,even went as far as going by a friend house to use their internet connection wired/wireless (still same result)...please anyone with a solution to this let me know as i only use this game for the multiplayer and i need this update in order to do so. 

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